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Second set of Chicago Observations

So a couple more here.

– Riding the train is FUN.  However, since I live two brown line stops away from Lincoln Square, I feel kind of dumb paying $2 everytime I get on the train, to just get off approximately 2 and half minutes later.  It would cost the same if I rode it all the way downtown.  So I may need to venture further in my coffeeshopping to just make the train rides a little more worth it.

– Ryan mentioned this in a comment on the last post, but I can’t believe I’ve failed to mention Merle’s.  There is a breakfast/lunch place kiddy corner to my apartment that is open from like 7am to 2pm everyday, is about the size of a my apartment’s kitchen, has about 8 things on the menu, and is fantastic!  However, when I went with Karl and Ryan the other day, Ryan ordered an omelet and both Ryan and I heard the lady taking our orders say “What kind of cheese you want?  I have Cheddar, Sweet, and Pepper.”  “Sweet cheese?” Ryan asked.  “Yes sweet, like white,” she replied.  “Just cheddar” Ryan responded, though both him and I were curious as to what in the world this “sweet cheese” was.  Well Zach also got an omelet and when it showed up, she set the plate down with Zach and said “with sweet cheese” to which Ryan and I both perked up and said “you got the sweet cheese?  what is it?”  to which a slightly befuddled Zach responded “Swiss cheese.”  Evidently the lady had an accent of some sort.

– Went out and saw two fantastic traditional Irish Bands last night.  Ce ( and Gan Bua (  Both phenomenal.  I love music.

Terrible picture, but that was Ce.

– I found a shop that sold fancy cheese, of which I purchased a little bit (and it was magnificent), however, I have not found my “Cheese Shop.”  As in a shop that just sells cheese.  But we’ll see.  I’m bound to find one.  (And hopefully they have more than just “runny cheese” – “oh I like it runny” – “oh, the cat’s eaten it”)

I also have a pretty good story to tell, but it deserves its own post, so I’ll probably post that tomorrow.  Keep your eyes open.

6 thoughts on “Second set of Chicago Observations”

  1. Heck, yeah! Riding trains is awesome! I’m jealous that you have a rail system in Chicago. See if you can nudge Columbus and remind them that they need one, too.

  2. Hmmm… don’t they have like an unlimited ride monthly pass that you could get? Then you just have to ride back and forth a bunch of times (rather than increase your distance) to make the money even out.

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