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One thing about Chicago that I’ve noticed is that it’s an hour earlier than Grand Rapids.  Well no shit, Morgan.  But wait, let me continue.

It’s an hour earlier, however, it’s not far enough west for everything to happen an hour later than things happen in GR.  So right now I’m sitting in a coffeeshop, and it’s about 4:12, and it’s almost completely dark already.  I’m not one of those people who gets depressed when it’s dark out, but sunset at 4:12 is kind of ridiculous.

4 thoughts on “Darkness”

  1. One reason why it’s always best to live at the western edge of a time zone, especially in the summer if you want twilight rates for golfing.

  2. It’s the same out here on the other end of the Eastern Time Zone. Sun down just after 4 p.m. I think I’m finally adjusting to it, because I’m not all sleepy at 7 p.m. like normal.

    But then again, that could just be because I’ve been caffeinating myself all day

  3. You used to work in a cave like me. Then it was dark when you went to work and dark when you left and you never saw the sun.

  4. it’s like that here too, although closer to 5, probably because we’re closer to the equator. I’m glad when I have classes again we’ll be past the equinox, it makes me feel sleepy.

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