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Florida Trip – Day 6

[So I’m already back in freezing Chicago, where we just had our first snow, but I wanted to make sure you all heard the last of my Florida trip, so I’ll still retell the last few days]

So one little story I realize I never mentioned happened on day 3. Before we took off for Key West to head back to Tampa, we stopped in a little shop on Duval St. My sister was wearing a South Haven (my home town) t-shirt. The girl working at this little store said “Is that South Haven, Michigan?” And we said “Yeah.” And she said “Oh, that’s where I’m from.” Turns out, this girl working at this shop was born and raised in South Haven, just like myself, and not only that but her older sister actually graduated from high school with me.

So yeah, small world.

And one more thing I forgot to mention was that we went to an amazingly mediocre buffet last night, and this is what the butter looked like.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m 8, but I giggled for a while.

Anyway, back to Day 6. Today we went to Tarpon Springs, which is a little city we always go to when we’re in Florida. It’s a really cool little Greek fishing town. So we stopped by for some amazing greek food (naturally), which I failed to take pictures of, and then we headed out on a little cruise around Tarpon Springs.


I don’t remember the exact story behind this, but it had something to do with hurricanes.

This particular tour that we went on had a full stop on Anclote Key, which is just off the coast from Tarpon Springs. And the main thing that appealed to my parents is the fact that there’s a lighthouse on Anclote Key that you can go look at. So we did that.

There’s my sis on the beach at Anclote.

The boardwalk on the way to the lighthouse.

Oooo, artsy.

My dad, the lighthouse enthusiast. I also caught him in mid-limp.

My mom the lighthouse enthusiast.

So after being on the key, the boat headed back in.

artsy picture of my sis

I LOVE clouds, and I just thought these on the way back in were just gorgeous.

After getting off the boat, we stopped by a place for Baklava ice cream, which might have been the best ice cream I ever had. It was spectacular. The feta ice cream, not so much.

And that was basically it. We headed back, watched sports of some sort, and on this trip, I didn’t have to try to sneak outside for a smoke after everyone went to bed. So that was nice too.

Oh and as a night cap, Dave (my brother in law) noticed this in the toilet.

That is a living frog. How it got in the toilet, we may never know. So would it be called a Toard?

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