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Florida Trip – Day 7

Well today was fun, primarily because of the Bears improbable come from behind victory against the Broncos.  However, before that we headed out to a park in Zephyr Hills, where every Sunday for apparently the last many many years people come out with instruments and just jam.  Now the song stylings range from folk, to country/folk, but it’s still a lot of fun.  So my dad and I played a few songs, as well as a friend of my dad’s who is a snow bird, who brought out a banjo too.

Needless to say I wasn’t very good at it.

There’s my dad and his friend jamming.

The thing that continued to perplex us was the fact that it was after thanksgiving, and we were all in shorts sitting at a park.  Crazy.

So after that we headed back and basically watched football for the rest of the night, with a break to go to our favorite local Italian place called Papa Joe’s.  My brother in law had been raving about an Orange Roughy dish he had there, so I went ahead and got it too, and it was quite delicious, I will say.  And I forgot again to take a picture.  Sheesh.

I should also point out that I’ve been taking all these pictures with my phone, as my digital camera is broken.

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