NFL First Guessing – Week 17

So I don’t have a whole lot of time to post, and I have lots of Bears thoughts, but I’ll save that for a “Post-season Bears” post.  Couple quick thoughts about last week’s game:

– This does not mean we have a great team for next year, but it was nice to see a spark of life.  I think the most encouraging spark was with the running game.  The offensive line showed that maybe they still have a little something in the tank (especially when they run behind Kreutz).  But once again we had amazing field position and did not capitalize on it (getting in Green Bay territory for the first four possessions and coming away with 6 points is completely unacceptable).

– Kyle Orton did not have great numbers, but he looked very very comfortable.  He looked like a veteran QB in that weather, and had his receivers not dropped a couple passes, he would have had decent looking numbers.

So just a couple quick thoughts.  So here’s my picks for the last week of the season.

Last Week Record:  8-8
Season Record:  152-88  (I’m whipping my last year record)

New England @ NY Giants

Well needless to say, I’m rooting for New York, but you just can’t pick against New England right now.  However, in looking forward to the playoffs, I honestly think the biggest challenge to New England is probably Jacksonville.  No one’s talking about them at all, and they look like a serious contender.  This game is the Giants’ Super Bowl.  If they stop the perfect season, they will be memorable, otherwise they’ll just be another over-rated team that didn’t really belong in the playoffs, but the NFC stinks.  Tampa will blow them out.

Cincinnati @ Miami

Why not, Miami deserves one more win this season, and who better than the immensely disappointing Bengals.

Buffalo @ Philadelphia

I keep riding the Buffalo band wagon, and once again they blow a game they probably should have won.  I still think they should be a pretty good team next season.

Seattle @ Atlanta

This is an underdog pick, but I mean, really?  Seattle’s third string could still beat Atlanta.

New Orleans @ Chicago

I should have known to pick the Bears over the Packers last week, because of course Chicago would play well when the games don’t mean anything anymore.  But New Orleans still has something to play for, and I would pick Chicago, but I’m just cynical.  I do think this will be quite close.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

I forgot how weird the lines get skewed on the last week of the season.  So why not, I’ll pick a fourth away team in a row.  This is bound to turn out well.  I’m already thinking I should have picked the Bears, but I don’t want to rewrite that paragraph above.

San Francisco @ Cleveland

Dangit Cleveland, I want you in the playoffs so badly.

Detroit @ Green Bay

I just wonder how much Green Bay’s pride is hurt from last week, and how much they’ll take that out on the hapless Lions.  Poor Lions.  I want them to do well, but like my Brother in Law has said before, I don’t want them to do well at the same time, because for God’s sake, Millen needs to go.  And if the Fords won’t do it, he needs to just fire himself.

Jacksonville @ Houston

I’m just assuming that Jax rests everyone and Houston battles to finally have a non losing season.

San Diego @ Oakland

Jamarcus Russel’s first start.  Hmmmm.

Kansas City @ NY Jets

Ugh, who cares.

St. Louis @ Arizona

Man, Arizona was so close to finally being the surprise team that everyone’s been picking for the last four years (doesn’t that by default make them not a surprise team anymore?).  Maybe they’ll pull the biggest surprise and actually be the surprise team next year.  They HAVE to be close don’t they?

Dallas @ Washington

PLEASE Washington knock the Vikings out of the playoffs.  PLEASE!

Minnesota @ Denver

Denver blows, and no one seems to realize it.  Everyone still talks about how great their running game is.  Umm, have you watched them?  They’re not a good team, and for having two aged Cornerbacks, who I’m wondering if they’re still as good as everyone assumes they are, I’m wondering if their defensive plummet this year is just the start.  And besides Adrian Peterson, and two humongous Defensive Tackles, what does Minnesota have that scares you?  Missing the playoffs might be good for them, because they’ll realize the holes they need to fill, and stop thinking Tavaris Jackson is the answer.  And Taylor’s probably going to be gone next year too, so will AP is perfectly setup to have a disappointing 2nd season.  I don’t know, I just think they’re not as good as everyone’s thinking they are.  Could be because I hate them too.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

I have no idea why I’m picking this.  Just felt like I needed another underdog.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

I’m picking this solely because I want Cleveland in the playoffs.

So yay least interesting week in the football season!

1 thought on “NFL First Guessing – Week 17”

  1. So now the Lions are going to fire Mike Martz and hire KIPPY BROWN to run the offense?!? Yeah, that makes sense. I think they’ve finally figured it out. Now they’ll have a well-oiled high-powered offense…

    Sorry, I faded into a sarcastic rant there.

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