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Odd Talents

I’m hoping that this sounds both strange and relate-able. I feel like all of us have odd talents, or odd things that we consistently notice. One of the incredible things about being human is all the ways in which we can be similar, and all the ways in which we’re different. Thanks to our experiences and our surroundings, though all of our basic instincts are the same (eat, sleep, love), we all have layers upon layers upon layers making us different. Some of these layers are amazingly odd.

Here’s a few (just a few) odd talents or quirks about me:

1) I can smack my cheeks, creating musical notes with my mouth with remarkable pitch accuracy
2) I’m really sensitive to the quality of water flow coming from faucets, to the extent that I often feel the need to tell friends to “try out the faucet” (Beth and Nick’s old place having the best one of all).
3) I know probably way too much about CD organizer’s
4) I have the ability to fall asleep seemingly no matter how much caffeine is in me.

So what are your odd talents?

14 thoughts on “Odd Talents”

  1. I can snap my fingers really fast, I think about 12 times per second. Makes for great impromptu percussion and family annoyance.

  2. I can make a very clean and simple popping sound with my tongue and upper lip. Many a family gathering has resulted in multiple failures by others to imitate the talent. It hasn’t made me rich, however.

  3. I am able to spot spiders who go against the peace treaty I signed with them. It reads thus: Keep out of my house spider-kind and I won’t go “chemical warfare” on your ass.

    I’m also really good with hair.

  4. I have magical proofreading powers. Once I was joking with a friend about how I could just put my finger down and find an error, and then I glanced at the paper I had just put my finger down on and there was a zero where there was supposed to be the letter O.

    So, yeah. I have powers.

    I’m curious about your “water quality” power. I’m not sure I know what that means….

  5. I learned most of my 52 students’ names by the third day of class. That takes some talent.
    I also am a fast primper – I almost always beat everyone else when there is changing clothes or various “getting ready” tasks involved.

  6. I can touch my nose with my tongue (and also pick it). According to my dentist only 1 in 97 people can do this.

  7. I can build Lego sets at superhuman speed.

    And which faucet at our old place was so fascinating? The kitchen one with no cap, so it sprayed wildly? Or the bathroom one, with its silky smooth flow?

  8. I can find anyone’s keys. My old roomate used to call me from Colorado and ask me if I knew where her keys were. I found them. It is scary. It is like a superpower but different.

  9. Streetlights constantly go out when I walk or drive past. It’s happened like 100 times. I like to think it’s due to my ‘electric’ personality. (groan)

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