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So this is the New Year

and it’s about damned time I post something eh? Sheesh, sorry for the delay. I was in kind of an emotional funk for a while, and then I was traveling like mad. But I’ve been back in Chicago now for 5 whole days, so it’s probably about time that I posted something.So as I like to do every year, I wanted to post my year in review. 2007 for me will obviously forever be remembered as the year that I moved to Chicago. However, I was also in an incredible and dare I say revolutionary play (Seven Passages), and continued to play a LOT of music. It’s always interesting looking back at my last couple “New Year” posts and seeing where I was just one short year ago. I can’t help but look where I’m sitting now and think how little I knew from where I sat one year ago.

Alas, I’ve waxed enough about that kind of stuff before, so I’ll just move on to my more pop culture picks of the year (note that this is kind of based on whatever I can remember).

Favorite Movie:
1) Hot Fuzz
2) Once
3) Juno (I didn’t see it last year, but if I had it would definitely be here)

Favorite TV Show:
Flight of the Conchords

Top 5 Albums:
– this was a really tough year to list this. Loads of great albums came out, but I have to keep it to five, and I’m sticking with my favorites, rather than what I think were the “best” albums of the year.

1) Anberlin – Cities (two years in a row that they top my list. Impressive. I like them a lot, if you haven’t noticed)
2) Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High (sheesh, how emo do I look? It’s going to get even worse)
3) Once – Original Soundtrack
4) Motion City Soundtrack – Even if it Kills Me
5) Bless You Boys – Armed to the Teeth (local GR boys, and I don’t just list them because I’m friends with them. This album is fantastic)

Honorable Mentions: Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell, Arcade Fire – Neon Bible, Feist – The Reminder

Theme Song of the Year (for me personally):
Sanctuary – Hikari Utada (from the Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack. It’s a long story)

And I would also like to mention that my favorite New Year’s celebration I’m pretty sure was this year. Being with so many old and new friends in Columbus OH, singing Auld Lang Syne at the top of our lungs. It was amazingly priceless. Freeze the shot and roll the credits.

So a year ago I said “So here’s to an even more eventful 2007, and maybe those events will even be good events!” I think that wish was granted. So once again I say: Here’s to what already is looking to be an eventful 2008!

And I figured since the biggest change this year was my move to Chicago, I would FINALLY post pictures of my apartment (in a before and after type way). Come visit!


(our apartment is in the upper right of this building)

The Music Room

The Living Room

(if you visit, it’ll be a little cleaner than this)

(that’s my workdesk, where I sit while I type this)

The Dining Room

(including Christmas Decorations that need to be put away)

The Kitchen

(complete with Realtor Girl!)

The Bathroom

My Bedroom

Zach’s Room

(he might kill me for posting a picture of his room being this messy)

The Porch

(possibly the coolest thing about the apartment)

Train Stop

(yep, that’s the Brown Line stop from our living room window)

6 thoughts on “So this is the New Year”

  1. I must agree with you that this year’s New Years Party may go down in my personal history as the BEST EVER. I’m glad we decided to come, and seeing you was obviously part of what made it so fab.

    I just got hold of that Feist album you mentioned. Must listen soon.

    Your place looks great! (and the kitties adorable of course).

  2. Bro I love that apartment. I’ve had plenty of friends live in Chicago (some still do) and they’ve all had some cool places (and some not so cool places), but I must say yours is one of the better. And being right on the brown line – that’s killer (and it really helps it’s not elevated right there). Much of me is envious!

  3. I really should come visit you and Zach soon. I miss you very, very much. You should call me. I’m glad NY’s was good to you. Mine was pretty good also – even if I did turn like older. And even I agree, yes I, that the kitties are cute in that first picture. (And you know how I HATE cats.)

    Take Care friend.

  4. dang, maybe i should have gone down to columbus like everyone else since it apparently was awesome. instead, I sat around by myself on my couch feeling stupid for deciding to not take the exams I had just spent my whole vacation studying for. Luckily the only friend of mine who was in town got off work at 11:30 and invited me over to watch the new year start. thrilling.

    ok, so it wasn’t quite as bad as that makes it sound.

  5. Dude, those are sweet pictures of the place. Even of my room, even though it is never that messy, ever… maybe…

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