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Technology Luck Part Deux

So you might remember this post from a while ago:

Technology Luck

Well the bad technology luck fairy struck again a week and a half ago. I went to start my beloved laptop, and it refused to boot, and never did again. Long story short, turned out the hard drive died. But not to worry, maybe I can still get the data off it? Nope. Well not to worry, I made a backup recently? Mmm come to think of it, I guess I never made a backup since moving. Well I guess I can just deal with the fact that I finally finished organizing my iTunes library after however many years and I can just grab the latest backup that I did before I moved. Well turns out that backup I thought I had was not actually a backup, but a pathetic dream. So the most recent “backup”? About a year ago.

So everything I put on that laptop in the last year is gone. Long long gone. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even that upset about it. I guess I’m just used to the fickleness of technology.

But, BUT! One bright spot about this, believe it or not. When they replaced the hard drive, they put a 160GB one in, which I’m pretty sure is about 60GB more than the last one in there, but oh well, who am I to argue? So since I have a giant hard drive (giggle), I decided, well why not put ALL of my music on this computer. May as well. Well in doing that, I realized that I actually had a backup of my iTunes library from about 2 or so years ago. Hmmm, wonder what’s on there. I loaded it into iTunes, and it was about 10,000 or so songs. Cool. Then I noticed that I saw a bunch of ratings. In fact, a TON of ratings. IN FACT, THE WHOLE LIBRARY IS RATED. HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, muttered I.

So after a little bit of tinkering, and about 4 solid ours of organization and staring at the computer screen last night, I was able to recover all 10,000+ ratings I once spent an entire year doing (you can read why that’s such a big deal to me in that post I linked above)

Hopefully this will all once again be a learning experience for me, one that will ultimately bite me in the ass once again.

2 thoughts on “Technology Luck Part Deux”

  1. It’ll definitely bite you there if you don’t get a regular schedule of backing up. Mine is monthly, but everyone has different needs and different levels of important stuff stored on the old HD. Just about a blizzard here; what’s up there?

  2. At least your ignition cylinder didn’t lock up due to an engineering defect that a certain motor company that starts with an f and ends with an ord refuses to acknowledge as a serious problem even though the part is more or less guaranteed to fail at some point during the life of the vehicle, leaving that vehicle completely immobile 220 miles from home on a saturday morning after going on a quick trip that started out as simply getting some tasty breakfast and ended up taking 7 hours and costing $500. Although I guess it could have been worse, because it could have decided to do it 9 hours earlier way up on the north side of town.

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