Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I was Just Asking – Underwear

Have you ever folded your batman underwear, set it next to your Homer Simpson and Scooby-Doo underwear (complete with the phrase “Peace and Ruv” on the elastic), and thought to yourself “I really am a grown up now.  I’m doing my own laundry”?  Me neither, I was just asking.

3 thoughts on “Me Neither, I was Just Asking – Underwear”

  1. Ever take a dump for so long that your legs fall asleep and when you try to stand up on numb feet, you fall forward so your head bumps the stall door and you have to try to support yourself with your head up against the door until the blood drains back into your legs and you hope to God no one comes into the bathroom while you’re standing there with your pants around you ankles, propped up against the stall door with your face?

    Me neither, I was just asking.

  2. Ever go in your office and look at the mess that is your desk only to realize you can find anything and everything that’s on or in that 16 inch pile of papers and junk without even thinking where it is? And then consider you’d be lost out of your mind if the Travelocity roaming gnome were to ever clean that desk?

    Me neither, I was just asking.

  3. I too feel grown up folding character underwear but mainly cuz it’s my sons. Where can I find character undies for Todd so they can match?

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