Go Cubs

I’m excited as it’s my first baseball season in the city, so that can only mean good things.

No predictions from me, no nothing this year.  This time I’m just a fan, not trying to be anything more.

5 thoughts on “Go Cubs”

  1. I remember my first and only opening day for the Cubs. It was freezing and the guys in front of us were drunk, without shirts and turning purple. Oh the memories.

  2. Been to my fair share of opening days – the year after Harry died was very memorable. But as I recall they all had one thing in common: they were all bitterly cold early April afternoons. Gawd I love Wrigley!

    I can only hope – as I do every year – that the Cubs will make it to the series. I know someday God will let me see my Cubbies win the WS…right God? Right? RIGHT!!!!???!!??!!! Err….where am I? What?…How was that again? It’s October and the Spankees are up three games to none on the Brewers? Oh my….

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