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What’s in a name

Dear Dick’s Sporting Goods and the makers of Orangina,

I know I’m supposed to be a grown up and stuff, but could you do me a favor and just change your name?  Meet me half way, come on.

That is all.

7 thoughts on “What’s in a name”

  1. For reals!

    In response to Dick’s, in Grand Rapids there is a Dick’s set back from the road that is in proximity to a number of other stores.

    Near the road there is a large sign listing Dick’s as well as all the stores you can visit by pulling into the area.

    Unfortunately the delineation between the different store names on the sign isn’t as clear as it could be. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but the store being advertised above Dick’s is less than ideal.

    I may just have my mind in the gutter but I’m pretty sure I’m not only motorist to bat an eye at the sign hawking “FRESH MARKET DICKS”

  2. Yeah. When we moved to Michigan, we were exposed to Dicks for the first time.

    Not a lot of Dicks in Toledo, I guess. You’d think there would be but I guess there’s not a market for Dicks. People don’t want ’em.

    There’s Dicks in Muskegon but it’s not as big as the Dicks in Grand Rapids. When I went and saw it there, I had to think to myself, “Look at the big Dicks! Grand Rapids has the biggest Dicks I’ve ever seen.”

  3. A former co-worker of mine had a part time after work job at DSG’s (Dick’s Sporting Goods). She was so proper, that she would never EVER refer to it as anything but DSG’s.
    She was really angry with another co-worker one day and said “That lady is a B-I-something bad”
    I couldn’t resist and said “uh, birdwatcher? bigamist?”

  4. This has nothing to do with naming things, but I just thought I’d remind you that there are….15 days until Opening Day. Woo hoo!

  5. There’s a Barstools n More in GR with a sign that’s in illegible cursive. I always think it says “Bastards N More.”

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