Morgan’s 2008 Tourney Challenge Final Standings

Well it was an interesting last few rounds for the top few teams (not interesting for me as I held basically dead last the whole time). So big congrats to

(drum role)

Ryan H!

Ryan H and Ryan R were tied for first, and thanks to the Kansas win, not only did Ryan H take first, but pcg jumped all the way to second, and Ryan R settles for third. And Andrew jumped over Steve and Jonathan thanks to Kansas winning. Poor jdub was a solid first place for the whole tournament until the final four. So here’s the final standings:

1st – Ryan H – 58
2nd – pcg – 57
3rd – Ryan R – 54
4th – jdub – 52
5th – Andrew – 50
6th – Jonathan – 48
7th – Steve – 47
8th – Ron – 43
9th – Morgan – 36
10th – Joel – 23

So fun tourney challenge once again, although I’ve yet to do better than second to last on my own tourney challenge.

So Ryan, since I’ll be visiting you next week, some lunch will be on me as your prize.

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