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Where’s that Morgan guy?

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in ages.  Been just busy and distracted (I bought a Wii).  I’ll get something up soon.  And it’ll be filled with so much incite, odd humor, and self-deprecation it’ll blow your socks off.

6 thoughts on “Where’s that Morgan guy?”

  1. VERY interesting use of “incite”; poetically speaking, it’s brilliant! It would be really neat in a new song, but I’m not sure everyone would get the tangy connotations. Adds a flavor that makes me VERY eager to see “wuzup”.

  2. Without anything to read from Morgan, I’ve taken to watching “The View” (shudder).

  3. Okay, seriously when I hear my co-workers and people I pass on the street commenting that they are wondering when Morgan is going to post something new then you know it has been too long.

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