Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Moods

Have you ever had two days in a row where you’ve been in a really good mood and you try to backtrack the two days to figure out what you did to cause you to be in such a good mood so that you can replicate that on a daily basis, but then you realize that maybe moods are not quantifiable and your ultra-consumer mindset has led you into believing that happiness is something that can be obtained through a series of products, or by engaging in a certain lifestyle, and your lack of happiness might not be because you don’t have enough, but because it’s easier to be bitter and unhappy, even easier when happiness is one mouse click or card swipe away, so instead of enjoying the things you have, you are obsessed with the things you don’t, and you become paralyzed at the unavoidable and insurmountable fickleness of being a human? Yeah, me too.

4 thoughts on “Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Moods”

  1. I hope you took a breath while typing that – or the oxygen deprivation might very well explain the mood.

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