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People Get Ready

In the next few months you’re going to hear a lot of things.  You’re going to hear about how Obama has changed positions on certain issues over his political career, so clearly he’s a waffler (because if there’s one thing we want as a president, it’s someone who never changes their mind, despite evidence).  You’ll hear a mis-quoted McCain saying he wants to have us in Iraq for 1,000 years.  You’ll hear how Obama must be a terrorist because of his funny name and his clear lack of blind hatred towards people of other faiths (or even a Hamas fist jab, quite possibly the most laughable attempt at exploit ever dreamed up by the media).  You’ll hear about how old McCain is, and he’ll die in office because of it.

You’re going to hear a lot of things thanks to the circus that has become the American media.  I pray that you all can maintain objectivity.  I pray the same for myself.

4 thoughts on “People Get Ready”

  1. Too late, I already believe Obama is the antichrist after an e-mail I read! Ahhhhhhhhhhrgggggggh!

  2. The swift-boating has already begun. My father-in-law showed me an email he got from an otherwise intelligent person claiming Obama is a Muslim who will open our borders to terrorists the moment he’s sworn in. I know people who believe much the same. It’s sad that people are getting sucked in by hysteria from both sides.

  3. I’m convinced that the media is responsible for many, many, many overdone, over-hyped, over-**, and over-sensationalized issues that unfortunately hook the feeble minds of so many who are just too lazy to think for themselves. Logic is over-run by emotionalism pretending to be patriotism, and, as you so aptly point out, both sides are victimized by the lack of ethics in the media and the lack of basic logic in the masses. Jefferson believed in an enlightened aristocracy, and now we know why.

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