3 thoughts on “Dark Knight”

  1. I liked your review and I too felt the sadness surround the death of Heath Ledger for the same reasons you did.

    Having seen the movie almost a week ago (yes, I got a sneak, sneak preview on the Imax) and having seen it no less than twice there are a couple of things I don’t think work. WARNING; POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW…

    A) What happens after the Joker crashes the party? I would have liked to see him continue terrorizing people – but that’s just another excuse to have seen more of Heath’s Joker.

    B) Okay, really Batman shouldn’t have that much of a problem with dogs. Cats, sure, but dogs?

    C) Would have liked to see the Joker over power the cop in the interrogation room. I don’t need to be hand held, I just would have liked to have seen it. Another excuse, really.

    Oh, the mayer wasn’t wearing eyeliner. True story, his eyelashes are just that thick – he looks like that in everything he’s done.

  2. That was most definitely eyeliner. I was wondering the same thing when I was watching the film. Ha, I thought it was a comical addition to his small part.

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