NFL First Guessing – Week 7

I’m on the road again, so just the picks again from me this week.  One quick Bears thought:

– squib kicking with 11 seconds left in the game after you’ve taken the lead is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, unless you’re kicking to Devon Hester.  Guess what, Bears coaching staff, you have Devon Hester!  You’re honestly worried about Jerious Freaking Norwood (that is his actual middle name) beating you?

That was the most frustrating moment yet of the season, and the loss itself was the biggest kick in the balls of the season.  I really hope we can recover from that, especially because we’re playing the most despisable of teams, the Minnesota Vikings.

I have a feeling this season is going to have a few more frustrating moments just like that before it’s done.  However, silver lining, Kyle Orton is getting better and better each week, and he looks like he’s for real.  He may not be John Elway, but he’s an NFL starter.

Last Week Record:  10-4
NFL Record:  57 – 33

San Diego @ Buffalo

New Orleans @ Carolina

Minnesota @ Chicago

Baltimore @ Miami

Tennessee @ Kansas City

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

San Francisco @ NY Giants

Dallas @ St Louis

Detroit @ Houston

Indianapolis @ Green Bay

NY Jets @ Oakland

Cleveland @ Washington

Seattle @ Tampa Bay

Denver @ New England

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