NFL First Guessing – Week 10

So I know there have been some big changes in our country recently, some very different and exciting, and then there’s Rex Grossman starting in place of the injured Kyle Orton.

So I’ll just dive right into it.  I would have probably picked the Bears to upset the Titans this week if Kyle Orton was starting.  However, I’m picking the Titans when Rex Grossman’s starting.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really am rooting for him, but it’s not like I’ve never seen him before.  I’ve heard a lot of talk this week saying “just give Rex a chance.”  While I do think that he’s gotten a somewhat bad rap (they were ALREADY booing him on Sunday), it’s not like he’s a rookie and is finally getting his chance.  It’s Rex Grossman, I kind of know what to expect already.

So here’s the reasons why I won’t pick the Bears over the Titans:

1)  Again, Rex is not a rookie.  There are tapes and tapes on him, and defenses know exactly how to get to him, and he very rarely figures out how to combat that.  The Titans should and will blitz him all day.  While I don’t think he’ll have 6 turnovers, I think he’ll have 3.

2)  Every play with Rex is all or nothing (it seems).  He either throws a 60 yard pass, gets sacked, or throws it incomplete (or worse, I suppose).  The thing that’s been so successful about Kyle Orton is that he is a balanced passer, and he’s able to mix it up a lot.  Rex has not historically had that ability, and now he has an even less talented receiving core than in 2006.

3)  The fact that one of the first things he said in a post game interview was “I was really frustrated by the decision at the beginning of the season…”  I guess that’s not a logical reason for him not to play well, but it pissed me off.

I could be entirely wrong, and I hope I am, but that’s my gut reaction.  The main difference between Kyle and Rex has not been talent, it’s been poise.  That’s what has made Kyle look so impressive, and that’s what made me always feel like Rex wasn’t going to last very long.

Last Week Record: 10-4
Season Record:  82-50

Denver @ Cleveland

I did pick this before the Thursday night game, and I so thought I had picked it right.  Cutler got me a ton of Fantasy points, and so did Winslow, who I conveniently left on my bench.

New Orleans @ Atlanta

I still don’t quite believe in Atlanta, but I don’t really trust NO either.  Meh, who knows.  I feel like Atlanta doesn’t play well against really good offenses, and their big wins have been against horrible teams (other than eeking out one against Chicago that they should have lost)

Tennessee @ Chicago

I think I’ve talked about this one enough.

Jacksonville @ Detroit

Jax is so immensely disappointing this year.  Everyone’s kind of forgotten about them.  Like who even talks about them anymore?  Are they still a team?  Wonder whatever happened to those guys.  And Detroit has been really close on a couple games now (they probably should have beaten the immensely lackluster Bears this week).  This was a tempting upset, but I still can’t pick it.

Baltimore @ Houston

I hate picking Baltimore, but with Schaub down, it’s hard to think that Houston’s talented offense will be able to do enough.

Seattle @ Miami

Miami continues to be on the rise, Seattle continues to fall.

Green Bay @ Minnesota

Hop on the bus, Gus
You don’t need to discuss much!

That’s all I have to say about this game.  I hate them both.  Hate’s a strong word.  I wish them both ill health.

Buffalo @ New England

So was the first 4 weeks Buffalo just an illusion?

St. Louis @ NY Jets

Is this an upset special?  I think it is.

Carolina @ Oakland

Ummm, yeah.  3 first downs last week for Oakland.  That’s all I’m saying.  If the QB fell forward on every play they would get more yards then Oakland last week.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh

This pick’s for you Jonathan.  And who would have thought at this point in the season that I actually forgot I had Addai on my fantasy team.  He’s the biggest fantasy disappointment of the season (other than Brady, but you can hardly blame him for that).
Kansas City @  San Diego

The pass to Tyler Thigpen last week was awesome.  How on earth did KC blow that game?  I was so pulling for them, but once Tampa tied it, you just knew it was over.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

The sexy upset pick of the week from a lot of people has been Philly, but I still think NY wins this game.  However, this is by far the game of the week, in my opinion.

San Francisco @ Arizona

So all of you who picked Arizona to be the surprise team of the year for the last 3 years, only to see them fall on their faces, and then you decided that you wouldn’t fall for that again, and so this year you picked them to be just as awful as they always are….. yeah, this team might be for real.  I’m looking at you, Foster.  (However, I will take credit for drafting Tim Hightower in fantasy as my deep sleeper pick!  He’s the only thing that’s made the Joseph Addai pick not feel as painful)


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