NFL First Guessing – Week 12

37-3 huh?  Man I bet that coach is really mad.

“Give them credit they came out there with a lot of purpose….. but the big picture is, we’re tied for first with 6 more games left.” – Lovie Smith

….. ummm, what?  That’s the best you got?  Are you f%&#ing kidding me?  Hearing Lovie Smith talk is like hearing President Bush.  Both are amazingly infruriating in the way they have no clue what’s happening in reality, and yet they’re always talking down to us.  It’s like watching someone in total denial who is rubbing your face in it.  What team are you watching Lovie?

The thing is, he doesn’t have to come out there and be Ditka, pissed off and yelling and throwing stuff.  I’m not asking for that.  If he would just some week say “what we did today was unacceptable” that would be enough.  But he doesn’t.  I was tremendously embarrassed as a fan, and then I have to puke listening to the crap he spews at every press conference.  It’s like we as fans are being treated like children.  And I’m going to have to put up with this crap for another 3 years or so.  Goodie.

And I hate to admit it, but Kyle Orton shouldn’t have started that game.  He couldn’t plant on his foot, and he wasn’t throwing it well because of that, and the coaching staff should have noticed that and made the change.  Just when you think maybe this coaching staff has something going, they show you how they really are all idiots.

Last Week Record:  11-5
Season Record:  103-59

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

Well Jonathan, this was the easiest Pittsburgh pick to make this season, I think.

Philadelphia @ Baltimore

Philly is going to slide for the rest of the season.  I still think Baltimore is playing over their heads a little bit, but Philly’s done.

Houston @ Cleveland

I’ve picked Houston to be a surprise team every year, and once again they fail me.  They’re like my Cardinals.

Tampa Bay @ Detroit

The bigger question is, do I pick Detroit for a single game for the rest of the season?  Stay tuned to find out.

Buffalo @ Kansas City

Buffalo lost last week’s game in absolutely classic Jauron fashion.  Trent Edwards makes the best pass of the game, then they run the ball up the middle three times, forcing Lindell to kick into the teeth of the wind from 47 yards out.  That’s the classic playing not to lose mentality (which Lovie Smith has perfected).  KC is always tough in Arrowhead, so this is a pretty easy upset to pick.  I think KC could even blow them out.

Chicago @ St. Louis

I can totally picture the Green Bay loss being the spark that makes the rest of our season completely fall apart.  However, I have to believe we can turn it around at least enough to beat St Louis, but after this week it could get really ugly.  If the Bears lose this game, they’re done.

NY Jets @ Tennessee

A lot of people have been picking NY Jets as the sexy upset, but to be honest, people have been picking against Tennessee for the last few weeks.  While I do think they lose this year at some point, I don’t think it’s this week (or next week).

New England @ Miami

I’m slightly confounded that the wildcat formation works at all, let alone as often as it seems to work.  The Bears have talked about adding the formation, and I can totally picture them doing it in about two years once defenses have it completely figured out and everyone else has abandoned it.  And then they’ll talk about it as if they just thought of it all on their own.  How did I turn this pick into being about the Bears?

Minnesota @ Jacksonville

Bleh, I hate picking Minnesota, but can Jacksonville beat anyone these days?

San Francisco @ Dallas

Here’s my upset special.  So many people think Dallas is back and better than ever.  I’m not sure that’s so true, and San Fran is playing well the last few weeks.  Plus, I hate Dallas and this would be hilarious.

Oakland @ Denver

Yeah, that’s an easy pick.

Carolina @ Atlanta

This should be a pretty close game, though.

 NY Giants @ Arizona

Arizona will certainly show what they’re made of this week, but it’s hard to pick against the Giants.

Washington @ Seattle

So in the list of up and down teams – Pittsburgh, Washington, Denver, NY Jets, Buffalo, San Diego, and just about everyone else – Washington might be the least predictable.  I cannot figure them out to save my life.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they totally lose this game, then kill whoever they play next week.  Who knows.

Indianapolis @ San Diego

I never thought at this point in the season that I would care so little about this game.
Green Bay @ New Orleans

Just for the record, I don’t think Green Bay is actually as good as they looked last week.  The Bears would have made almost anyone look great last week.

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