NFL First Guessing – Week 13 (Thanksgiving Day Picks)

Last Week Record:  8-8
Season Record:  111-67
Tennessee @ Detroit

So I want to thank my bro-in-law Dave for this:


“It’s really good for us right now to have a chance to get under the spotlight,” Lions coach Rod Marinelli said Monday. “I’m really looking forward to that, where everybody is scrutinizing everything about us right now.”

I asked Marinelli: Couldn’t the spotlight be … you know … a bad thing?

“I guess if you’re from Hostess Twinkies it would be,” Marinelli said.

I was poised to ask a follow-up question, but the only one I could think of was “Huh?” Are the Hostess people worried about scrutiny? Do they have nightmares that somebody will figure out how they put the cream inside the cake?

Marinelli later was asked if he was worried some of his players were soft, like Twinkies.

“I’m not saying we’re Twinkies,” Marinelli said. “I’m saying the question was a Twinkie. It was a Twinkie question for me.”

I feel like that sums up the Lions right now.

Seattle @ Dallas

Dangit, I really wanted Dallas to suck this year after Romo went down, and it looked like they might do that.  But now he’s back and blah blah, they’re a talented team, so they’ve re-established themselves.  Hopefully they’ll just embarrass themselves in the playoffs again.  Oh, and Seattle sucks by the way.
Arizona @ Philadelphia

And I admit it, I like the Cardinals.  Hard not to root for them, and as a Bears fan it’s hard not to be insanely jealous of their receiving core.  Breaston would be the #1 receiver on the Bears by far, and he’s #3 in Arizona (and deservedly so).  If the Bears don’t go after Boldin big time in the off-season, I will be very disappointed.  Regardless, I think this is the true statement game from the Cardinals.  And McNabb is done in Philly, and until Orton started showing he was a true starting QB in the NFL, I would have been all about him coming to Chicago.  Unfortunately, now he’ll probably go to Minnesota, which sucks because I’ll have to hate him.

But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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