NFL First Guessing – Week 14

Well you may have seen from the comments from my last week NFL post, but I think I’m done rooting for the Bears, and I’m officially a Pittsburgh fan for the rest of the year.  Why not.  That game against Minnesota was so frustrating for so many reasons, and I’m not really going to bother going into it because it’s just my usual coaching rant.  We got out-coached by Brad Childress.  That’s pathetic.

So now Lovie has a 4 game season, as everything else that has happened this year clearly doesn’t matter much.  I can’t talk anymore about it, I get too frustrated.

Last Week Record:  11-5
Season Record:  122-72

Oakland @ San Diego

No big surprise there.

Jacksonville @ Chicago

This’ll be the classic “Bears look really good after a horrible loss game, but it’s probably too late for it to even matter, but at least Lovie looks like he knows what he’s doing” game.  You’d be surprised how many of those there are.  And Jacksonville last week took my “Most Disappointing Team” award officially.

Minnesota @ Detroit

I can hardly express how much I’m a Detroit fan this week.  And with the Williams boys being out, this is the perfect surprise win for Detroit. I still can’t pick them.
Cincinnati @ Indianapolis

Eh, this isn’t that tough of a pick either.

Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Philly showed some life, and I think they’ll make this a close game, but even without Plaxico, the Giants are just too tough.

Cleveland @ Tennessee

Yeah, this is a pretty easy one too.

Atlanta @ New Orleans

This one was a tough call.  I’m still not quite sure that Atlanta is as good as they seem, and New Orleans has been so inconsistent, but it seems like they’re a good team.

Houston @ Green Bay

I wanted to pick Houston so bad in this game, just so they officially knock Green Bay out, but I just can’t.  And I think Steve Slaton takes the award for “best guy that was drafted in the third to last round in most fantasy leagues.”
Miami @ Buffalo

Class play not to lose type game from Jauron here, which of course, loses them the game.  Brings back memories.  Oh wait, that’s just like the coach the Bears have now.

NY Jets @ San Francisco

Boy did New York lay an egg last week.  They should be able to get that back, though I do think Mike Singletary should remain the 49ers coach at the end of the year.  Since he’s taken over (other than the “can’t play with em!” game), the team has gotten better, and they’re not a very good team to begin with.  If they got some talent, who knows.

New England @ Seattle

Another easy one.

Kansas City @ Denver

wtf Denver?  Of all the inconsistent teams this year (and there’s been a plethora), I think Denver takes the cake.  They go from being really good to amazingly bad.

St. Louis @ Arizona

AZ just refuses to seal up their first playoff bid in 2000 years.  This week maybe?  If they fall flat on their face in the playoffs that’ll be so sad.  It’ll remind me of a baseball team around these parts.
Dallas @ Pittsburgh

Well I am a Pittsburgh fan, so I’ve got to pick them right?  (wink to Jonathan)

Washington @ Baltimore

I’ve given up on Washington.  I thought they’d be decent this year, but forget it.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

The most important game of the week, and I pick Carolina simply because they’re at home.  I did not see either of these teams being as good as they are.  Especially Tampa.  Who’s even on their team?  I think I could name 3 or 4 players tops.


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