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So you who know my political views can probably figure out that I’m not exactly a fan of Fox “News”, however, I have to say that what has happened with them since the election is just amazingly humorous.

First off, I had predicted (granted, this was an easy prediction) that after Obama got elected, FN would completely revert everything they’ve done in the last 8 years. I’m sure you’ll all remember that for the last 8 years, those like me who didn’t really like the Bush administration, disagreed with what was done, and made it known were all labeled as traitors, and FN continued to ask us to “just support your president”. I will say that though I didn’t agree with the Bush administration, I tried my best to do just that. For the most part I granted them some slack while disagreeing with just about everything they did, and though I still made my opinions against them known, I didn’t buy any t-shirts that said “International Terrorist” or anything like that, and I even found myself standing up for G dub against my extremely liberal friends.

I realize that not many of my liberal cohorts did this, but I just want to make it known that I tried, dammit.

Now I obviously didn’t expect Fox “News” to meet me halfway on this, but the 180 degree turn around that they made has been even more so than I could have imagined. It’s like they’re trying to give the Daily Show fodder, with Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly almost word for word contradicting their “4 month ago” selves in the midst of their gas bagging, Glenn Beck having completely lost his mind, and all culminating in the FN sponsored and supposedly “spontaneous” teabag parties.

Sidenote, anyone else as amused as I was by the fact that FN avoided ever saying “teabag” and MSNBC referred to the parties as nothing but “teabag” parties?

But honestly, the hypocrisy of all the anchors is just stunning. Jon Stewart’s quote of “I think you’re confusing tyranny with losing” pretty much sums it all up. Anyone who honestly watches Fox “News” and doesn’t realize this hypocrisy needs to either have their head examined, or they have no interest in having a true democracy in this country.

And I’m sorry if this is a little too aggressive, but to anyone who watches Fox “News” and takes them seriously, just stop it. For the good of yourselves, our country, and everything in the cosmos, stop.  If you’re someone who honestly does not like what the Obama administration is doing, and you want to make that known, please please please do.  I support dissent now just as much as I did in the last 8 years, but the blatant ignorance of our media should not be tolerated, by the right or left.

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  1. Truer words have never been spoken.

    What’s funny, is I just had a (fairly heated) debate with my boyfriends dad about Fox News. I made some comment about how I despise Rupert Murdoch and Fox News and all that it embodies, he asked why, I told him, and he argued that it’s the best news station there is. He then called me an “overly progressive liberal radical” who, along with everyone else in my generation, is “fucking up our country”.


  2. Sorry for Mallory’s intellectual tussle with the Dad; sounds like the intellect was actually only on one side. I constantly get email forwards from guys in the boat club who I genuinely like, and I’m always just a bit amazed at the intolerance over opposing perspectives. I learned long ago that there are numerous “right ways” to achieve something, but I guess there’s just a lot of stubborn defensiveness that surfaces with some folks, and usually, as in Mallory’s case, it results in name-calling and put-downs that are the antithesis of good intellectual debate. Such is life, I guess.

  3. I agree, I think dissent is good, but name-calling and overreaction are bad on the right AND the left. And I think disapproving on the grounds of racism is pretty disgusting.

  4. Quick update…my boyfriends mom called me yesterday to tell me that she’s sorry (on behalf of her husband) that he called me some inappropriate things, thanked me for being knowledgeable and for standing up for my beliefs (politely, unlike her husband), and then included that she secretly agrees with me. Made me smile a little.

    I agree, Bethany….I hate it when I hear someone say, “I hate Obama” and then I ask why and the only thing they stammer out is, “Because he’s black”. It really causes me to become nauseous and angry.

  5. I’m glad to hear that Mallory!

    Also, if anyone is against Obama because he is black, please do not vote anymore, and do not take part in this country. Just go crawl into a hole and go away.

  6. On the other side of the coin, are you ready for every other network and cable station’s 100 Days Obamagasm tomorrow?

  7. Haha, “Obamagasm” I like that. Here’s the thing, don’t just say “every other network and cable station.” Give me some examples. The old line of “every TV station is liberal except Fox News” is just getting tired. I could go on more, but I would just be repeating myself. Note my comments under “general reactions” in this post:


  8. So, I don’t watch TV news, and I certainly don’t consider the “news magazine” type shows to be real news anyway. The pundits are, as far as I can tell, no better than the opinion section of any newspaper.

    Fox News does tend to run better headlines than CNN.com on its Web site (CNN, for some reason, thinks that celebrity news belongs on its top stories rather than, say, the tabloids), and Fox does some reasonable science news from its site. (I say this because they run interesting science articles for lay people that I can actually find the sources for after the fact, because let’s face it, I can’t actually *link* to Fox News and expect to be taken seriously. *g*) Again, this is just based on the site, because I don’t watch the channel at all.

    And hey, if they’re writing to give the Daily Show fodder, more power to Jon Stewart! 🙂

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