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Holy Crap it’s been a while

You may have all been wondering, what the heck ever happened to that Morgan guy? Well here’s what happened. Back in late January, my friend Bethany said “hey I noticed your rss feed isn’t working.” To which I responded “oh, I’ll fix it.”

And now 3 months have passed, and I’ve finally fixed everything I broke. I figured I’d go ahead and change the whole design of the site too. Thoughts?

So expect to see much more regular posting from me now, next one coming in the next couple days. In the meantime, while you’re waiting, please enjoy this hold music I got to experience the other day when calling a credit card company. I dubbed it the worst hold music ever.  I recorded this on my laptop speaker from the speaker phone on my cell phone, so the quality isn’t exactly great, but I assure you that listening to it through the ear piece was no better.  Note the part where it cuts rather abruptly, then starts again.  It was so bad, they couldn’t even write an ending.

[audio:holdmusic.mp3|titles=Worst Hold Music Ever|artists=Unnamed Credit Card Company Customer Service]

7 thoughts on “Holy Crap it’s been a while”

  1. How about a pic of your beautiful face to make the site even more exciting. Miss you!

  2. Excellent redesign. I like the muted tones and that I can actually read all the words so easily, no fancy backgrounds that cover up all the word links like so many web sites do. Good job – and very nice to see you back. I’ll be checkin’ in often.

  3. Oh Heidi, you’re so sweet. I’ll try to integrate a “beautiful face” picture into my site somehow. I might need to get someone else’s face.

    Miss you and love you!

  4. Bout time! I’ve been wondering when you’d start up again. I went through a Superbowl and March Madness without hearing your take on either. Now let’s hear something about the draft. And I really like the redesign. It’s purdy.

  5. Yeah, it’s good to be back buddy. The biggest regret I have was not having this fixed in time for March Madness.

    And yeah, maybe I’ll write up a little review of the draft.

  6. when I strolled over here to see if you had actually updated… my first thought: HOLY CRAP. it’s different.
    I’ve actually created my own theme for my blog (also a wordpress blog), so if you ever want help/suggestions/troubleshooting, just let me know!

    Glad you’re back to the blagosphere. 😉

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