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Some very random non sports thoughts, and my take on the NFL Draft

– A plea to performing musicians, if you cover a song, please don’t change the gender in the lyrics. In other words, don’t change the lyrics of “Misery Business” by Paramore from “got him where I want him now” to “got her where I want her now”. If you sing the former, I won’t necessarily think “I bet he likes to bang other guys.”

– When using a cutting board, make sure you wash it when you finish, as you don’t want the next thing to taste like the previous thing (ie you don’t want strawberries to taste like onion). The one exception I feel is limes. What doesn’t taste good with a hint of lime?

– Everytime I get a haircut, I never really like it, and then I realize it’s because my hair has not fundamentally changed.

Non sports fans can stop reading.

NFL Draft (as per Mark’s request)

– I like the Matt Stafford pick by the Lions, but I do not understand the Pettigrew pick.  I thought for sure they would go for O-line or a defender with that pick.  Just seems like tight end is not a necessity for a team, so it seems odd to drop a first round pick on it.  Like I said before, the Lions had so many day 1 picks that they could really turn their franchise around in this draft alone.  I really hope they didn’t blow it (if only for the sake of my bro-in-law Dave)

– Al Davis is an idiot, but that’s no surprise.

– The Bears appeared to have a pretty good day 2, but obviously the draft was relatively un-exciting for me as they didn’t draft at all on Day 1.  But Mel Kuiper seemed to like our day 2 picks, so I’ll trust him.  Plus Angelo has proven he can find some day 2 gems.

I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the draft, so I don’t have much more to add then that.  If any of the receivers the Bears drafted turn into starters this year, then I think it’s a success.  But I don’t care.  I’m still so excited about Cutler, I don’t really care about the draft (I probably should though).

5 thoughts on “Some very random non sports thoughts, and my take on the NFL Draft”

  1. I thought that the Lions should have concentrated on improving the offensive line; if that doesn’t improve, I don’t care who the quarterback is, he’s gonna get nailed. They wasted several prime draft choices as far as I’m concerned.
    I wish I had a better feeling about the Bears, but from many (many) years experience, they can find a way to screw up even in the best of situations. But I’m still a die-hard fan – I’ll keep watching, listening, and cheering.

  2. I care a little bit about Matt Stafford because he was a speech comm major until he decided not to graduate and go pro instead. Of course, this year he will make more than me in my lifetime, so I can’t really look down on him for it.

  3. Also of importance is that if you are a male covering Misery Business by Paramore, you should not lower it by an octave or two to put it in your normal vocal range. You need to just blast out the falsetto the best you can.

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