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Faith and I

Another new song.

Faith and I

I think about the times you rode your bike down
And we spent all night just laying in the flowers
And I said “Hey June, what is it you wanna do?”
You said “Let’s climb that old water tower”

And as this mad mad world slowly turns
We’ll sit back and watch it all burn
You broke all your ties with love and so did I
Never known how much we’ve yet to learn

Rolling down the windows, emotions hit you hard
Like a warm summer breeze
And I feel so many things that never happened to me
But act just like memories

So I’ll keep my eyes on I-94
Wishing I could learn to love you more
But I’ve spent so much time on cheap love and cheaper wine
When faith and I just passed out on the floor

You see I’ve defined myself by all the sins I’ve done
Weakness bearing load of all that I’ve become
I’m heading out to talk to the girls on the street
Anything to make my brokenness complete

Oh June, why’d you leave so soon?

And as I turned one last time I hit the door
With every bone aching for a savior
And all of those times that I just pushed you aside
Came rushing back harder than before

So I’ll keep my eyes on I-94
Wishing I could learn to love you more
And yet through all the rhymes, you move me everytime
When everything just seems beyond restore
And there’s nothing left inside me anymore
Just faith and I passed out on the floor

© 2009 Morgan Foster

2 thoughts on “Faith and I”

  1. I hope you do record these and give us a hint at what they sound like. The lyrics on the last two particularly are powerful.

    Is your RSS still down — or did it change? I just realized I haven’t been alerted to an update here for the last several updates!

  2. Try subscribing again from the link on the site. It should be working. Let me know if it’s not.

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