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Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know?

Another new song. Figured it was time for another long title song.

Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know?

Here comes that old apology
For everything I can’t stop feeling
And you know just what you do to me
I’m just another heart you’re stealing

Cuz you’re just like that old line
I’ve always heard about love
You burn me everytime
And yet I just can’t get enough
I’m always waiting exactly where I stood
And you say believe me, honey, I wish I could

Cuz sooner or later you’re back for more
And just another black dress on his bedroom floor
And I’m stuck reading about my fate
Through every journal post and status update
While you wait for three and four
I realize I can’t play anymore

I know what you want to imply
But I think I’m leaving instead
Cuz I know I need to say goodbye
To the version of you that lives in my head

Cuz you’re just like that old line
I’ve always heard about love
It’s always on your time
And I think I’ve had enough
The always maybes were your ideal
So what I fell in love with was never real


And the hardest things to let go
Are the ones that end so slow
So just go

Honey, I just can’t play anymore

© 2009 Morgan Foster

1 thought on “Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know?”

  1. I was really surprised that the tune to this song is so upbeat and peppy, since the words are rather depressing. I liked it, though, when I heard it in concert. Becki liked it too. She said she likes it when depressing songs are put to a deceptively happy beat.

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