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Quick Birthday Story

So as you may know it was my birthday a couple days ago. Apart from my throat attempting to kill me and a useless revisit to the Doctor’s office, it was pretty great. But here’s the main reason why.

So the plan from the start was that Corinne and I and a bunch of friends were going to go out for dinner, and then head over to Schuba’s to see Paper Route, a band I and several others discovered this year and have been really into.  Few quick show observations:

1)  Alcohol helps with mono a lot……. in that you stop caring.

2)  The opening band was Audrye Sessions, and I compared their set to the first time I saw American Beauty.  About three quarters of the way through I thought “meh, they’re okay.”  And then they played their last song and I thought “holy shit.  I may have to rethink their whole set.”  (ie, the last song was incredible)  Sidenote, I’m listening to their self titled album right now, and it’s quite good.

3)  Paper Route is kind of electronic-y, so you never really know how that will translate live.  Oh, it translated.  They really are quite fantastic live, though the song Last Time which is one of my favorites was not as good live, but oh well.

4)  If I bought a theremin, would it still be considered original at all?

So those observations aside, the coolest part of this story is that after their set, they did an acoustic set from their trailer.  So that’s pretty cool in and of itself, but I chatted with a couple of the guys from the band just before that, and I had mentioned to the drummer that it was my birthday, when he asked if we were there to see them.

So they did one song acoustic, then the lead singer/s called out “Alright, where’s Morgan?”  I raised my hand, and they clapped and said “Happy Birthday.”  Then the other guitarist busted out an accordion, and Paper Route sang me Happy Birthday from their trailer.

I had a very large grin on my face, and they now might be my favorite band of all time.

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