Fantasy Football Draft

I have no idea if anyone will find this interesting, but what the heck. We’re getting close to football season, so I’ll have something to blog about again, since my blogging instinct these days is just terrible.

I had my first Fantasy Football draft last night (one of my favorite nights of the year. old friends, pizza, football. What could be better?). It’s a whopping 20 round draft and I picked 7th.  Here’s the team I got.

Running Back

Matt Forte
Chris Johnson
Cedric Benson
Fred Jackson
Fred Taylor
Jerious Norwood
Kevin Jones
Chris Brown (my deep sleeper and 20th round pick)

Wide Receiver

Steve Smith
Dwayne Bowe
T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Steve Smith (NYG)
Chris Henry


David Garrard
Joe Flacco

Tight End

Owen Daniels
Zach Miller
Desmond Clark




John Carney

I was fully intending this year to take a WR within the first two rounds (something I never do), simply because I thought the RB crop this year was relatively deep and none of the top tier backs blew me away exactly (and the top WR this year are far and away above the second tier of WR).  However, I was blown away that Forte fell to me at the 7th pick, and even more blown away that Chris Johnson fell all the way to me at the 17th pick.  Those two are both potential top 5 backs, so even though it wasn’t exactly my strategy, I couldn’t pass them up (though I’m a little nervous that both are in their second year, off of surprisingly great rookie years).

However, even without following my WR strategy, I still managed to get Steve Smith in the 3rd round.  Dwayne Bowe was my 4th round pick, and that might have been a little bit of a stretch, but between Smith, Bowe, and Housh, I think I have a pretty solid receiving core.

Also, my tight ends should be very solid in that I have two of what I thought were the top 6 or so TE (I got Zach Miller in round 11 I believe, so even though I usually wait a while to take a second TE, I couldn’t pass him up).

I’m certainly weak at QB, but I think the QB class this year in general is pretty weak, and Garrard can’t screw me two years in a row can he?  (I actually love the Joe Flacco pick too, as I think he could have a great year)  Every year the #2 or #3 QB seems to be someone drafted in round 8 or later, so I almost always wait to take a QB (also because people always grab QBs too early in my opinion.  I believe Brady, Brees, Manning, Warner, Rodgers, Romo were all gone by like pick 3 in the 3rd round, which is just way too early for all those QBs to go, but I guess that’s how I end up getting Forte, Johnson, and Smith with my first three picks :)).

So anyway, for anyone that cares, there’s my Fantasy Football team #1 (#2 draft coming up on Labor Day, which is a keeper league and I have Andre Johnson and DeAngelo Williams as my keepers.  not bad).

I’m so excited for football.  The Cubs completely sucking is certainly helping that.

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  1. Well, you lost Kevin Jones for the year. Can you pull someone out of retirement or off the disabled list as a replacement?? Since I know nothing about fantasy football, that’s probably a really dumb question.
    I’ll keep your picks printed up by my chair and check on them occasionally. I’ll be pullin’ for ya!

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