NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 2

Dangit, well another week has come and gone, and the only new post I have is another football one. I swore I would not just be that kind of blogger, but my blogging instinct is dying with the busier my life gets. If only there was a way to just speak into my phone, and have it just become a blog entry, because I have great ideas walking to a coffeeshop, or riding the train, and they just never materialize. I hope that changes soon.

In the meantime, the one thing that makes it so easy to write blog entries is the football season. If any of you actually read these, please let me know. I find it interesting, so I’ll likely continue to post these, but I have no clue if anyone else in the world reads these.

Bears Thoughts

Oh, where to start.  I’ve had several conversations in the past week, and I’ll try to summarize here with a few brief points.

  1. Where the f*&$ was Matt Forte in this game?  I pose this question to Ron Turner, because when Forte got the ball, he looked like Matt Forte (ie a solid solid running back).  But when you give him the ball 2.3 times in the first half, you can’t expect good things to happen with this offense.
  2. Ron Turner’s gameplan looked like he was trying to say “see we have a Quarterback now, and I know everyone in the world thinks our receivers aren’t very good, but we’re gonna prove they are.”  Well guess what, our receivers might be decent by the end of the season, but they are very very young, and Turner’s anti-Forte and anti-Olsen agenda was not doing them any favors.
  3. You can legitimately blame 2 of those picks on Cutler.  Also, Cutler confessed before the game that he was really nervous.  He is not as bad as that, and hopefully Turner will learn how to help him out.  All you Bears fans panicking, relax.  Cutler will be fine.  Turner may not be.
  4. ESPN commentators do not have time to really know each team in the league, so I can’t blame them too much for this, but while the loss of Brian Urlacher does hurt, he is not the same player he’s been in past years.  I honestly don’t think losing him will be as detrimental as everyone on ESPN seems to think.  You can win football games with Hunter Hillenmeyer.
  5. Our secondary is going to be a work in progress.  I don’t feel confident in a single player back there.
  6. One big bright spot from this game, Devin Hester looked like a for real receiver.  Maybe he will prove us all wrong (I’m all for that).

But it’s just week 1, and though my real team looked terrible (and even with how bad they looked, they should have still won the game), and my fantasy teams looked worse, it is just week 1.  Shake it off, because it ain’t getting easier for the Bears this week.

Last Week’s Record: 10-6

Carolina @ Atlanta

Bleh, Carolina looked really really horrible last, and I’m really regretting picking them to win the NFC South.  I should have seen it coming, but they’re poised to be the “was really good last year and completely falls apart” team this year.  I still think Atlanta’s a little overrated, but it’s hard to pick Carolina over almost anyone this week.

Minnesota @ Detroit

Okay okay, so I was a little off on the Detroit pick last week.  This week I’m as big a Lions fan as you can be in the city of Chicago.  I will be beyond ecstatic if they win.

Cincinnati @ Green Bay

How is no one talking this week about how bad Green Bay looked?  The Bears beat them in every stat except turnovers and points (which are unfortunately the two most important stats).  I still think they win this game, but I think it’s closer than people are expecting.

Houston @ Tennessee

Dangit, I want Houston to be good one of these days so badly, and that week 1 performance was just bad.  Either the Jets are way better than I realized, or Houston’s still not ready for that next step.  But it was still just one week.  I’m rooting for them in this game, but picking Tenn.

Oakland @ Kansas City

Both these teams didn’t look all that bad last week.  Maybe this will be a more interesting game than initially thought.

New England @ NY Jets

I’ve heard others picking the Jets in this game, but I still don’t see it just yet.  I could easily see Sanchez coming back down to Earth and showing his rookie-ness in this one.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia

Donavan McNabb is the only reason I pick NO.

St. Louis @ Washington

St. Louis is really really bad.

Arizona @ Jacksonville

Arizona could be the other Carolina of this year (ie good team that falls apart).

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo

Buffalo should have won against NE, and now they’re home.  They could be better than initially thought as well.

Seattle @ San Francisco

Both teams looked good week 1.  This should be a good game.

Pittsburgh @ Chicago

I want to pick Chicago really bad, as I do think they’ll bounce back with a better performance this week, but I do not trust Ron Turner or Lovie Smith at all, and Pittsburgh is too good if we don’t have our act together.

Cleveland @ Denver

Bleh, both these teams are terrible.  However, that last play of Denver/Cincy was amazing.  Literally I watched the last about 2 minutes of that game, so I was just in time.

Baltimore @ San Diego

I was really tempted to take Baltimore here, but I’m not that confident yet (though I think I will start Flaco in fantasy).

NY Giants @ Dallas

Eh, I needed to pick an upset somewhere, and it just seems like this could be one.  Plus with the new stadium, it would be great if NY came in there and won.

Indianapolis @ Miami

I think this game ends up being really close.

Alright, there’s my football thoughts for the week.  Hopefully I can crystallize some non football thoughts soon.

Bear down!

4 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 2”

  1. heh. Well look at it this way, the Bears needed that game way more than Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh will be fine, and maybe now the Bears will be as well.

  2. I do read your posts, even tho I was late on this one. Your analysis of the Bears first game was right on; I (or anyone else) could not have summarized it better. I agree 100%. And so many of your critiques seemed like common sense; where’s the coaches heads?? I was greatly surprised with the win over Pitt, but the Bears did show up better.
    On to Seattle and hopefully a win there.

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