NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 3

Sorry Alan, my next post is in fact another football post. But since you’re bringing me out to Hawaii next week, I’m sure I’ll be inspired to post other things. 🙂

So I don’t have much time to post this week (busy weekend), so I’m just slipping this in under the door.  My quick Bears thoughts:

  • that’s more like it
  • we still need to get Forte going
  • Knox looks good, and the key has been that he improved from the week before.  That’s a major thing I look for in players.
  • I still don’t trust this coaching staff at all.  They look so good at times, and so stupid at times.  I wish they were just pretty good all the time.

Last Week Record: 9-7
Season Record: 19-13

Washington @ Detroit

This is the second time I’ve taken Detroit this year.  But they HAVE to win a game sometime, and Washington really does suck.  The Lions seem to start well every week, they just can’ maintain anything, and the other teams end up coming back and crushing them.  Washington is not a “come back and crush you” kind of team.

St. Louis @ Green Bay

StL is the worst team in the league, and Green Bay is not as good as everyone still insists they are.  While I think it would be awesome if StL won this, I don’t see how that’s even possible.

San Francisco @ Minnesota

I want to pick San Fran so bad, because I’m still convinced that Minn is not that good, and they’re 2-0 because they’ve played Cleveland and the Lions (and both teams were beating them at the half), but at the dome, a good D, and San Fran with no real weapons other than Frank Gore, I just don’t know how they win this game.  But oh man, am I rooting for that.

Atlanta @ New England

It’s just hard to imagine NE not bouncing back after a big loss like last week.

Tennessee @ NY Jets

Tennessee already has their back up against the wall, and they’re a good team.  I think this is a good game, but Tennessee pulling it out late.  (And Chris Johnson, thanks for all those points last week!  Keep it up!)

Kansas City @ Philadelphia

Philly had a rough week, but they’re still good.  KC is not.

NY Giants @ Tampa Bay

Giants are good, and the Steve Smith and Mario Manningham draft choices that I made are looking pretty good so far.

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Poor Cleveland.  I want them to be good again so bad.

Jacksonville @ Houston

Makes me sad to see Jacksonville to completely fall off the relevance wagon.

New Orleans @ Buffalo

New Orleans is really good.

Chicago @ Seattle

This should be the game where Matt Forte gets rolling.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnatti

I actually think this is a pretty close game.

Denver @ Oakland

Man, JaMarcus Russell is really terrible.  The Chiefs defense hold you to 7 completions for the whole game?  That’s remarkably terrible.  Denver has the softest schedule ever, and will be the worst 3-0 team ever.

Miami @ San Diego

Miami on the other hand has the hardest schedule, and will be the best 0-3 team.

Indianapolis @ Arizona

I think Arizona can win this game if they run, but I don’t think they will, and Indy is really good against the pass.

Carolina @ Dallas

Kind of makes me sad to see Carolina fall so far as well.

Whew, just barely slipped this in in time.

Bear Down!

2 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 3”

  1. Looks like you made some good picks! Your prediction about the Steelers was only a tad off; it truly was a close game. How’d your fantasy teams do?

  2. Both did pretty well. I need DeAngelo Williams to have a decent game tonight to win in one league, and I have Steve Smith in the other league, but I pretty much already have that game won.

    So another good looking week all around.

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