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Hawaii Trip Day 3

One thing I completely forgot to mention about Day 2 was that when we go back from dinner, we decided to go for a late night swim.  The beaches in Hawaii do not close, and are all public property, so we needed little convincing.  Peter, Rachel, Joel, Ron, and I all threw on our suits and went for a swim under a full moon, with the full view of downtown Honolulu.  Needless to say, it was incredible, but since it was also wet, I did not bring my phone/camera, so I have no pictures.  Can’t believe I forgot to include that part.

Disclaimer, for those of you who said you hated me after seeing the Day 2 pictures, you’re gonna entirely loathe me after these ones.

So Day 3 started off early, 6:30am to be precise.  However, we were getting up that early to go snorkeling, something I’ve never done.  And not just that, but we were going snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.  You will see many man pictures below.

On the way there, we picked up some Hawaiian doughnuts called Masaladas, which were amazingly delicious (I failed to get pictures :().  Then we headed out to Hanauma Bay.

One thing I’ve learned about Hawaiian the language is that you separate almost every vowel.  For example Hanauma is pronounced Hana’uma (with a long u), and also Hawaii is pronounced Hawai’i (or Havai’i if you’re trying to really pretend like you’re Havai’ian).

Regardless of how you pronounce it, it was incredible.  We watched a brief video about conserving the environment and not destroying the naturaly beauty blah blah.  I shotgun’d a Coors Light, tossed it in the ocean, and headed down.

This is my little wink to Corinne, although I don’t know if she even checks my site.

So that’s where we snorkeled.  The darker parts is the coral, and that’s where all the cool stuff is (though it’s also the parts tha can cut you and such, but that’s the risk you take), like the brightest fish I’ve ever seen, and even a Sea Turtle!  My favorite (other than the turtle) was a huge rainbow colored fish that I followed for a while, and he had a little buddy with him that was pink and green, and possibly the brightest colored thing I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, I had no way to take pictures underwater, so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the fish, but if you want to see the fish we were looking at, Patty (Alan’s housemate) had an underwater camera with her, and took these:

Here’s my favorite from that batch:

That’s me, Peter, and Rachel.  Rachel (and I using her camera) took some pictures as well, and when she sends them over, I’ll post them as well.

So eventually we had a delightful little lunch, snorkeled some more, and then took off.

That’s Peter, the CTO of our company.  Notice the sunglasses in those last two pics.  Buddy!

So after leaving Hanauma Bay, Alan was leading us back to the hotel, but mentioned we could take the “scenic route” if we so desired.  We so desired.  Here’s some pictures I got on the drive.

This kind of crap was all OVER the place on this scenic drive Alan took us on.  And if you look close in that one, you’ll see people down there swimming in that.  It looked like fun, but fun that could relatively easily kill you.

Even when it’s cloudy, it’s amazing.

Eventually we made it to this little spot called the Pali Lookout, which is where one Hawaiian army one a battle by pushing another Hawaiian army off the cliff (this was 200 or so years ago).  It’s about the windiest place you can go (so I loved it).

That’s Alan, our wonderful CEO and tour guide.

And that’s Peter, my sunglasses buddy and CTO.

I don’t know what this was, but it was carved into the rock, and looked cool.

Those were wild chickens that were just wandering around.

Eventually we made it back to the hotel, where a few people crashed, but Ron and I decided to walk to a coffee shop (which was a much further walk than I really realized).

That night we had our super fancy once a year Agathon dinner at Morton’s Steak House.  I’m an idiot and do not have pictures from that night, but hopefully other Agathon guys took pictures and will help a brother out.  Since we all work remotely, there’s not really any office fees and a lot of the day to day expenses are also saved.  So what Peter and Alan have done for years instead is to have a super fancy dinner, ordering things we would never normally get to order, eating a ridiculous amount of expensive wonderful food, along with lovely bottles of wine and booze of other varieties as well.

Along with that, we treat it like a business meeting and we talk business.  So we talked about all the work we’ve done in the last year, where we are as a company, and where we’d like to go.  Luckily I work with some pretty great people, so not only is it a productive evening with very rare face to face time with my coworkers, but it’s a blast as well.  The highlight was definitely the porterhouse steak that Peter and Joel split that looked like it was about the size of a cow.  Amazing food, steaks larger than you can imagine, productive work time, and fun chatting with people I consider co-workers and friends.

It was about this time that I realized that putting on Peter’s spf 4 that he brought (yes, that is the number ‘4’) as I wanted to really get some good sun was a huge mistake.  This mistake had also turned me into an entirely self-heating entity.

That’s me attempting to capture the massive sunburn I had.

So the combination of alcohol, massive amount of food, a massive sunburn on my back (it’s no secret which side of you faces the sun while you snorkel), and just overall exhaustion hit a breaking point by the end of the evening, and we were all ready to call it quits.

That’s all of us standing around like zombies waiting for our cab to arrive.

Overall it was an incredible but exhausting day.  I like being in this company, and I hope they keep bringing me to Hawaii (provided my back is healed by the time I come back).

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