NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 7

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a Lovie Smith thing, or if it’s a “being a Bears fan” thing, but it seems like every time the Bears lose, they should have won.  Both games this season that the Bears lost, they dominated in every stat except turnovers and score.  And the Atlanta game was that again.  But looking back, it seems like the Bears have had so many of those since Lovie Smith became the head coach, and I always thought it was just a matter of me being a fan and watching the games extra closely (maybe fans of all teams feel this way), but I’m beginning to wonder.

The Lovie Smith coaching philosophy is “hang around, hang around, hang around, and win,” and that has shown in the Bears complete lack of a killer instinct in the last few years.  It means that the Bears can really beat just about anyone in the league, but it also means we lose to teams we shouldn’t.  Overall, it’s immensely frustrating sometimes being a Bears fan.  But if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ve likely heard me say that before.

Last Week Record: 9-5 (couple mediocre weeks in a row)
Season Record: 57-33

Green Bay @ Cleveland

I so want Cleveland to be good again, but I don’t even see potential for the next couple years.

San Diego @ Kansas City

I’m really tempted to take Kansas City in this game, but I’ve been way too upset heavy in my picks this year, so I’m gonna try to take it down a notch this week.  I do think this will be a surprisingly close game though.

Indianapolis @ St. Louis


Minnesota @ Pittsburgh

If this was in Minnesota, it would be hard to pick Pittsburgh.  Plus I want the Steelers to burst the Vikings bubble.

New England @ Tampa Bay


San Francisco @ Houston

I had to pick an upset somewhere, and this seems a little more likely one.

NY Jets @ Oakland

How Philly lost to Oakland last week still just boggles my mind.

Buffalo @ Carolina

Also tempting to take Buffalo in the upset, but if Carolina just keeps running the ball, they should be golden.

Chicago @ Cincinnati

I have my doubts on this one, but the Bears should be able to exploit exactly where Cincinnati is weak.  Should be is the key word.  Who knows really.

Atlanta @ Dallas

This is technically an upset, but I really don’t feel like it is.

New Orleans @ Miami

I’ve seen several people taking Miami, and while I was the first to say they were the best 0-3 team out there, I don’t think they can beat the Saints, even at home.

Arizona @ NY Giants

Arizona has been suspect this season, and they’re traveling to the east coast against a very good Giants team.

Philadelphia @ Washington

Washington is terrible.  Though I said the same about Oakland, and Philly somehow managed to screw that one up, so we’ll see.


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