NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 8

I can’t even bring myself to comment on that Bears game last week.  Just disgustingly embarrassing.  So ridiculously out-coached, and if there’s another week like that, Lovie should lose his job.  He’s not going to though, because he still has two years left on his contract.  There’s no way they’ll pay him out.  I’ve had enough.

Last Week Record:  8-5 (ugh, three mediocre weeks in a row)
Season Record: 65-38

Houston @ Buffalo

Houston should have no problem beating Buffalo, and I’m still not confident in picking them, ever.

Cleveland @ Chicago

The perfect way to get the bad taste of last week out of your mouth is to play Cleveland.  However, this is also the perfect game for the Bears to clean up and therefore give management a reason to say Lovie’s doing a great job.  Then when we play someone tough again, no one shows up.  I almost want the Bears to lose this game so that it’ll be all the more reason to fire Lovie.

Seattle @ Dallas

Meh, neither of these teams are outright terrible, but neither are good exactly either.

St. Louis @ Detroit

Detroit is favored in a game?!  Well how can I not pick them then!

San Francisco @ Indianapolis

I do think San Fran will keep this game tight, but it’s really hard to pick against Indy at home.

Miami @ NY Jets

This could be a very interesting game.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Philly is so schizophrenic, and it’s so hard to imagine the Giants losing 3 in a row.

Denver @ Baltimore

I continue to not believe in Denver.  Let’s see if they continue to prove me wrong.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

They just can’t start out 0-7 can they?

Oakland @ San Diego


Minnesota @ Green Bay

I’m surprised Green Bay is favored in this game since all the sports writers think that Favre is so magical.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this big of a Green Bay fan.

Carolina @ Arizona

What does Delhomme have to do to lose his gig?

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Meh, what a chalk week of picks from me.

Go Bears!  sort of

2 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 8”

  1. I’ve lost interest in even watching the Bears. There’s no consistency at all, and I used to be able to root for the defense at least, but now I don’t even have that! But I’m too stubborn to quit them completely. After all, I stuck with them thru the Bobby Douglas and Vince Evans years when Payton was the only bright light on a consistently losing team. Maybe it’s the logo that I like: simple, plain capital C in a very different font. As Ed Bennett says, “Keep on keepin’ on.”

  2. And thus far today they’ve been just as uninspiring as ever. Luckily the Browns don’t know how to win a game.

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