Random Thoughts

Year in Review Addendum

So I totally forgot this last year too, but a couple quick things to add to my year in review post from a couple weeks ago:

The Fleet Foxes Award

This is a (sort of) new category this year and I give it to the band that I think is ok (I even own their CD and listen to it occasionally), but everyone else seems to think is amazingly brilliant, and I just don’t understand why. So just to reiterate, if I list a band here, it doesn’t mean I think they’re bad, I just don’t get what all the fuss is about (aka Fleet Foxes).

So this year there were several artists I could have picked: Andrew Bird, The xx, M Ward, and several others, but my pick for this hands down goes to Animal Collective.

Most Disappointing Album of the Year

This is a tough one for 2009, as I wasn’t completely disappointed by any albums, but there also weren’t many that I was just dying for when they came out. So even though I don’t hate this album, my pick for this year is:

Imogen Heap Ellipse

Worst Movie Seen

As you may know, I do enjoy taking in some terrible movies, particularly horror ones, and while I could easily list Saw V here, which I did in fact see in 2009, hands down I have to list The Room, which my friends Lee and Rebecca introduced me to. Words cannot describe how terrible this movie is. It’s so terrible, that it’s tremendously entertaining. So if you enjoy terrible art sometimes, I would actually highly recommend seeing it sometime.

Just wanted to quick add those things to my year in review. Stay tuned, cuz I’m actually going to do a decade in review either later today or tomorrow.