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Goodnight Princess

The good times of Thanksgiving were cut a little short this year when Corinne had to put her wonderful dog Edy to sleep this past Friday.  She’d been up and down for a few weeks, but definitely took a big turn for the worse just before Thanksgiving.  We knew it would happen at some point, as she was 13 going on 14, far longer than a dog of her breed should live, but I’m so glad she did, as it gave me a full year and a half to spend with her, as my relationship with Corinne grew deeper.  Corinne often joked about how Edy had me wrapped around her little finger, and the pictures below may clue you in as to why that was 100% true.  She was my little princess and one of the best dogs ever (possibly even the best), and Corinne and I will miss her dearly.

Goodnight Princess.  May flights of beggin strips, doggy beaches, tables to lay under, and toys to steal and horde sing you to your rest.

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