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Daddy Diaries 3

My third installment of my inaccurately titled Daddy Diaries series (considering there is still no baby).  In this episode I decide to interview her soon to be feline brothers.

Daddy Diaries Volume 1

Figured it made sense to start adding these to my actual site, instead of just Facebook and Youtube.  :-p  So here you go, Daddy Diaries Volume 1.  Here was my caption when I originally posted this (almost a year ago!): I’m having a baby in two weeks, so here’s some of my thoughts on what that means.

2014 in Review

Another year in the books, and while all years bring some change in their own way, this one obviously brought a big one.  It’s funny to think that when I was typing up my 2013 in review, I was only about a month out from discovering that I would become a father in 2014.  Crazy to think that was just a year ago. So in that vain, future Morgan, here.. Read More

2013 In Review

Well here’s the one time all year that I actually update my blog. I guess maybe I should rename this to “Morgan’s once a year ruminations on the previous year”. So another year has gone by, and as per usual, I’m gonna take a look back at it, both from a personal perspective, and a “best of” type perspective, so thank you for indulging me. And hopefully you get something.. Read More

2012 in Review

Holy crap, so the last post I made was 2011 in review over a year ago.  I think my blogging instinct is officially dead.  And as much as I almost let this whole year in review thing die this year, it’s one tradition I’m just not ready to give up on yet.  So since we’re already 2 weeks into February, let’s look back at 2012!  (and thank you Charley for.. Read More