Morgan’s Rantings and Waxings

tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

My New Name

So I found out that that guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart said her new name was “The Remnant that will return,” so I decided that from now on I will be known as “Guy who bought a taco.”

Large Curd is Best

I tell ya. You know you’re getting old when you say “Is that the biggest container of Cottage Cheese they have?”

There’s Never a Time

Why is it that when you have a ton of free time you barely get anything done, yet when you have a little bit of free time, you seem to get plenty done?

Seize the Night Quote

I found a pretty cool quote from a Dean Koontz book – “How fortunate I’ve been to live long enough to recognize the subtle but undeniable fading of my youthful stamina and spryness. To hell with those poets who celebrate the beauty and the purity of dying young, all powers intact. I’d be grateful to survive to relish the sweet decrepitude of my eightieth year, or even the delicious weakness.. Read More

Rule’s a Rule

So yesterday I was at the mall with a couple friends, when we noticed a man chasing a clown. I’m not kidding. A man dressed entirely like Bozo. The guy chases him down, catches him, says to him “Rule’s a rule,” then threw the clown into the trunk of his car. I’m not making this up.

Measuring Happiness

I’ve been noticing that one thing that changes when you mature is how you measure happiness. I remember not too long ago when I would measure happiness by the number of times I went to Best Buy. I’m learning, however, that happiness does not correlate with what you purchase, but what you make of what you have and are given. Seems like an easy thing to learn, but it took.. Read More