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I take some pictures occasionally. To check them out, click on any of the categories on the right.

My New Niece

I visited my sister and brother in law this past week, and they just recently got a chocolate lab puppy. Her name is Lucy, and she’s totally adorable and full of life and all that good stuff that puppy’s are.  She also does not like to sit still, so it was hard to get non-blurry pictures.

Super Puzzle

So Puzzle is obsessed with plastic bags, I don’t know what his deal is. But whenever I go grocery shopping, I will always take one of the empty plastic bags, swish it around a few times, then throw it in the air and let it float to the ground. He loves it! He then spends the next two hours sitting on, getting inside, and licking (that’s the weirdest one) the.. Read More

Squirrel in the Snow

Got up Wednesday morning and it was a beautiful, gray, snowy, winter Michigan morning. So as I was looking out the window, I spotted a squirrel eating the berries off the tree just outside my window. So I snapped some pictures. I love squirrels, and I think they make some of the best animated characters (eg, Emperor’s New Groove, Ice Age). I also imagine them being compulsive gambler characters, but.. Read More

Michael Haig

Well here’s the newest member of the Haig family: Looks just like Tim doesn’t he? And now it’s bedtime.

Couple Older Ones

I’ve had these pictures for a while, and I finally digitized them, so here you go. Umm, yeah. This was the “Academic Hall of Fame” at my high school about 2 weeks before I graduated. Oh man, makes me laugh every time.

Digitized Pictures

I digitized some pictures that I had. Here’s some of my favorites: The coolest picture ever. Well, it’s at least the closest I can get. This is me at the cliffs on the Aran Islands. This is me as Archangel, and Karl as an Ent (?) from a makeup class we were in. B-b-b-b-b-baaaaad, b-b-b-b-b-b-baaaad.