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Couple Older Ones

I’ve had these pictures for a while, and I finally digitized them, so here you go. Umm, yeah. This was the “Academic Hall of Fame” at my high school about 2 weeks before I graduated. Oh man, makes me laugh every time.


Saw this at the McDonald’s next door to the hotel last night: It’s a see-through sign on the drive thru window and it’s hard to read but it says “Please ask for Ketchup, Salt…ect…ect” ectera, apparently. Spell check missed that one.

A few funny ones

It says “Meat Truckload Sale.” I found it humourous. This was a picture hanging in a church that my father and I played a show at. Notice the blond Mary with the amazing rack and Joseph putting out the vibe with his fine ass. I don’t know about you, but that gets me in the mood for church. This is my boss’ mug that he keeps at work. What’s funny.. Read More