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Squirrel in the Snow

Got up Wednesday morning and it was a beautiful, gray, snowy, winter Michigan morning. So as I was looking out the window, I spotted a squirrel eating the berries off the tree just outside my window. So I snapped some pictures. I love squirrels, and I think they make some of the best animated characters (eg, Emperor’s New Groove, Ice Age). I also imagine them being compulsive gambler characters, but.. Read More

Last Minnesota Pics

Here’s the last few good photos from my Minneapolis trip. Here’s the skyline on my way out. I didn’t see the sun the last three days I was in Minnesota, but I like gray-day skylines (ooo, that’s a good band name). The Minnesota river. I can’t picture a better shot that gives the coloration of my entire drive home. And finally, here’s a rest area I stopped at. How could.. Read More


Pardon the quality of these images, but I found this fascinating. So there’s this place called Murray’s right in downtown Minneapolis, that is literally like an old 50’s bar-of-soap looking building that is right in between the skyscrapers. So here’s Murrays (above), and here’s what it looks like directly above Murray’s: I found it fascinating.

Some Minnesota Trip Pictures

The most important stop to make in Chicago. And the next most important stop. This was my first time to IKEA, so Brian and Marcia took me on the tour. You can’t get a picture with much more blue than that. Oh wait, yes you can. I got a really sweet desk and three lamps. Pictures to come later. (since I’m in Minneapolis at the moment, there isn’t really anywhere.. Read More