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Burgers for Breakfast

So I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but Burger King’s new advertising campaign is pushing "burgers for breakfast" because you can now apparently order a Whopper at 7am.  The commercial also tells you to "be the first person to eat a burger" that day. Really?  Burgers for breakfast, that’s your brilliant idea?  Does anyone really want a double cheeseburger at 8am (not including third shifters)?  If they had.. Read More


There’s a billboard on the way home from work that has a shadowy image of a gun, and the following printed above it: Suicide Rediscover the joy of life Perfect time of year in Michigan for such a billboard if in fact they intended that.

Snip Snip, Sip Sip

I decided since I rant about advertising enough, I’d setup a whole separate category called that. So my latest rant is on a billboard I’ve seen several times on my way to and from work.  It’s for Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin, and the ad is a stylized looking barbershop with someone sitting getting their haircut, a barber cutting their hair, and a couple people sitting around hanging out.  Underneath this.. Read More

This is Beer

If you’ve been checking my blog for any length of time, you know my penchant for complaining about commercials (maybe I should start a new category). Well here’s another one. Budweiser is currently running a radio ad that absolutely blows my mind. It’s just a song that plays, and I searched for the entire lyrics, but couldn’t find them. If I do, I’ll post them. Anyway, the lyrics are something.. Read More

Direct TV Commercial

This could have gone in my sports section because I’ve only seen this commercial during sports events, but there’s a DirectTV commercial out right now that I kind of find disturbing. There’s a male sitting on a couch watching a football game, and his son sits on the couch next to him and asks “Can you read me a story, Dad – oh, the game’s on” looking disheveled. The Dad.. Read More

Big Man Dance Competition

It occurred to me that I think the only commercials I’ve ever seen for the NFL Network are all advertising the “Big Man Dance Competition.” Is that the only thing they have on that channel? And then when they have the last screen of the commercial, under the NFL Network logo is the phrase “Imagine the Possibilities.” Has anyone ever been sitting there “imagining” if only there were a network.. Read More