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NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 9

I’m traveling again, so not much time to post thoughts.  I will just say that that was the most uninspired 30-6 win I’ve ever seen, and holy cow are the Browns terrible.  Okay, so here’s my picks. Last Week Record:  8-5 Season Record: 73-43 Washington @ Atlanta Arizona @ Chicago Baltimore @ Cincinnati Houston @ Indianapolis Miami @ New England Green Bay @ Tampa Bay Kansas City @ Jacksonville Carolina.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 8

I can’t even bring myself to comment on that Bears game last week.  Just disgustingly embarrassing.  So ridiculously out-coached, and if there’s another week like that, Lovie should lose his job.  He’s not going to though, because he still has two years left on his contract.  There’s no way they’ll pay him out.  I’ve had enough. Last Week Record:  8-5 (ugh, three mediocre weeks in a row) Season Record: 65-38.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 7

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a Lovie Smith thing, or if it’s a “being a Bears fan” thing, but it seems like every time the Bears lose, they should have won.  Both games this season that the Bears lost, they dominated in every stat except turnovers and score.  And the Atlanta game was that again.  But looking back, it seems like the Bears have had so many of those.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 6

And now I’m up in GR, so again, not much time to post.  So here’s the picks. Last Week Record: 6-8 (yikes) Season Record: 48-28 Houston @ Cincinnati Detroit @ Green Bay Baltimore @ Minnesota NY Giants @ New Orleans Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Tampa Bay Kansas City @ Washington St. Louis @ Jacksonville Philadelphia @ Oakland Arizona @ Seattle Tennessee @ New England Buffalo @ NY Jets Chicago.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 5

Still in Hawaii, so don’t have time to post anything other than pics. Last Week Record: 10-4 Season Record: 42-20 Cleveland @ Buffalo Pittsburgh @ Detroit Dallas @ Kansas City Minnesota @ St. Louis Oakland @ NY Giants Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia Washington @ Carolina Cincinnati @ Baltimore Atlanta @ San Francisco New England @ Denver I’ve picked against Denver every week almost.  They just can’t be this good right?.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 4

So I’m in Hawaii at the moment (posts and pictures coming soon), and don’t have much time to post football thoughts, so I’m just going to say Go Bears and post my picks. Last Week Record: 13-3 Season Record: 32-16 Detroit @ Chicago Quick note on this.  Thanks to Hawaii time, this game is on at 7am.  That’s crazy. Cincinnati @ Cleveland Seattle @ Indianapolis NY Giants @ Kansas City.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 3

Sorry Alan, my next post is in fact another football post. But since you’re bringing me out to Hawaii next week, I’m sure I’ll be inspired to post other things. 🙂 So I don’t have much time to post this week (busy weekend), so I’m just slipping this in under the door.  My quick Bears thoughts: that’s more like it we still need to get Forte going Knox looks good,.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Week 2

Dangit, well another week has come and gone, and the only new post I have is another football one. I swore I would not just be that kind of blogger, but my blogging instinct is dying with the busier my life gets. If only there was a way to just speak into my phone, and have it just become a blog entry, because I have great ideas walking to a.. Read More

NFL First Guessing 2009 Season Week 1

Again, I apologize for not having any regular posts up in ages. Hopefully my blogger instinct will kick back in again one of these days. In the meantime, football starts tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited, although not nearly as excited as I will be on Sunday, when it’s the Bears first game. First off, my friend Tim and I come up with predictions every year as to how.. Read More

Fantasy Football Draft

I have no idea if anyone will find this interesting, but what the heck. We’re getting close to football season, so I’ll have something to blog about again, since my blogging instinct these days is just terrible. I had my first Fantasy Football draft last night (one of my favorite nights of the year. old friends, pizza, football. What could be better?). It’s a whopping 20 round draft and I.. Read More