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Go Cubs

I’m excited as it’s my first baseball season in the city, so that can only mean good things. No predictions from me, no nothing this year.  This time I’m just a fan, not trying to be anything more.

Baseball Playoffs!

So hey, I actually have a reason to care about the Baseball playoffs this year!  So that’s fun (it’s also really nice to have, since the Bears blow). So if you look at this post, you’ll see I actually wasn’t too far off in a lot of my picks.  The Brewers were my surprise team in my predictions, and they pretty much were the surprise team, although they didn’t quite.. Read More

Cubs Quips 7/11

Alright, well here we are at the All Star Break and the Cubs find themselves just 4.5 games back of Milwaukee (although they really should be 2.5 or 3.5 back).  There are lots of reasons to be happy right now as a Cubs fan, but there are reasons to still be nervous (there always will be, really).  So let’s look at both. Reasons to be Happy – We actually look.. Read More

Cubs Quips 6/22

Well the Cubs and Sox begin their series that I’m calling “The World Series of Ineptitude.”  But unfortunately, no Barrett to possibly spice things up.  Which brings me to my first topic: The Barrett Trade I can totally understand this trade, and wasn’t at all surprise.  He’s been a bother in the clubhouse, and is unpredictable with his emotions in the field.  We already have one of those guys who’s.. Read More

Cubs Quips 6/6

Well thank God for this past Saturday, because I really can’t imagine it getting much lower than that.  It’s embarrassing enough being a Cubs fan in general, and it was really embarrassing being one after a pitcher and catcher fight.  However, all the "Cubs clubhouse in disarray" headlines I think are a little inaccurate.  Zambrano and Barrett are the two hottest heads on the Cubs, and they scrapped.  It’s not.. Read More

Cubs Quips – 5/30

So I was initially going to try to make this a weekly Cubs sort of column (kind of like what I do with the Bears/NFL), and everytime I think to type it up, I forget, and then big things happen with the Cubs, and then new big things, and then the original stuff I was going to say is suddenly no longer relevant. And I don’t have a whole ton.. Read More

Cubs Quips 4/23

Cubs Record:  7-11NL Central Standing:  Dead Last So I think I may try to do this as a weekly thing.  It’s really easy for me to blog about football during the season because games are once a week so it’s logical to do a football column once a week.  However, I have loads of thoughts about the Cubs too, and it’s hard to really figure out an obvious time to.. Read More

Opening Day!

One of the most exciting days of the year for baseball fans, especially Cubs fans.  This is the time when there are no records, just hope.  Maybe this will be the year that’ll be different from the last hundred.  Maybe, just maybe. I have to say that I’ve not been this excited about the Cubs in a while.  For the first time in a while we spent loads and loads.. Read More