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Bulls Thoughts

So this current Bulls/Celtics series has required me to purchase a defibrillator, but on the bright side, I’m a shoe in for Crank 3. So before this all important game 6, I just wanted to put up a couple of my thoughts. – When the Bulls made the playoffs, I figured they didn’t have a prayer of getting to the second round.  When it looked like we would draw the.. Read More

Morgan’s 2008 Tourney Challenge Final Standings

Well it was an interesting last few rounds for the top few teams (not interesting for me as I held basically dead last the whole time). So big congrats to (drum role) Ryan H! Ryan H and Ryan R were tied for first, and thanks to the Kansas win, not only did Ryan H take first, but pcg jumped all the way to second, and Ryan R settles for third… Read More

Morgan’s Tourney Challenge

Well it’s that time of year again. The best American sporting event meets the best American blog by a guy named Morgan Foster. Last year’s winner Steve Fridsma returns to defend the title, and Andrew Huisjen who won two years ago and placed third last year is back as well. Couple new faces as well (including Ron who said “I know nothing of basketball college things. nevertheless, i will be.. Read More

Bulls Thoughts (Why?) – 7/5/07

Well I’ve allowed myself to cool down for a full week from the NBA draft. Needless to say I was not happy with the Bulls draft. Why Bulls, why? So with the number 9 pick, the Bulls take Joaquim Noah (my least favorite college player from all of last year). I began speaking of my disdain for Noah when Bill Walton was raving about him. While I do agree that.. Read More

Bulls Thoughts (pre-game 6)

Well well, I didn’t think I’d be putting up another Bulls Thoughts again this season, but here we are.  The Bulls have certainly made things interesting, even though I still don’t think they’ll win the series.  However, if they win tonight, things get REALLY interesting. Here’s one thing I am a little frustrated about, though.  The commentators during the game on Tuesday said "The Pistons will remember this as the.. Read More

Bulls Thoughts – 5/8/07

My honest observation is that the Bulls are just plain outmatched in this series, and if they can’t hit their jumpshots, they’re done. They’re getting completely outrebounded and outhussled, which is where they have to succeed to win, especially against a more veteran team that is bigger then them at every position. Their inexperience is also showing in the amount of turnovers they’ve had. I didn’t think they’d honestly win.. Read More

Yeah Bulls

Who’s the favorite in the East now Walton?  I don’t have much to say other than just how wonderful it feels to have swept the Heat.  The Bulls made them look ridiculously old, which is what they are, and even though people will say “oh Wade was hurt” or “the Heat have had to overcome so many injuries” several sports pundits have brought up the point that maybe the Bulls.. Read More

Bulls Thoughts

First off, dammit Bulls!  You go and lose the one game that really really mattered the last couple weeks, and now we have to play the Heat in the first round, rather than the Nets.  Boo.  So the road to the Eastern Conference Finals is a little tougher and ridiculously more annoying now.  And now every game that I watch of yours in the first round of the playoffs, I’m.. Read More

Tourney Champion

Well big congratulations to Steve Fridsma, the winner of the Tourney Challenge.  Here was the final scores: Steve – 66 bdf – 63 Andrew – 60 Ryan R – 59 Jonathan, Ryan H, jdub – 58 Tim – 52 Bethany – 48 Morgan – 46 Jacqui – 41 Thanks to everyone who entered!  And beat me easily.  And boo to Florida.  Man, I hate Florida.  I can’t wait to.. Read More

Morgan’s Tourney Challenge

The moment you all wait for every year. The beginning of Morgan’s Annual NCAA Tournament Challenge. In that this is the second year I’ve done it. Regardless (or irregardless), here we go! We got 10 entries this year (including me), and loads of irrational picks all over the place (including Illinois in the final four, Vanderbilt in the final four, Pittsburgh in the final four, and everything in between). But.. Read More