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tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

Some Chicago Observations

– My neighborhood has a couple different diagonal running roads (including my road) and so the streets cut up the land a little bit. The result of that is that there are two parks in my neighborhood that are literally not even big enough to throw a frisbee. Here’s a pictures of one of them: This “park” is literally like the size of someone’s back yard. – My neighborhood is.. Read More


One thing about Chicago that I’ve noticed is that it’s an hour earlier than Grand Rapids.  Well no shit, Morgan.  But wait, let me continue. It’s an hour earlier, however, it’s not far enough west for everything to happen an hour later than things happen in GR.  So right now I’m sitting in a coffeeshop, and it’s about 4:12, and it’s almost completely dark already.  I’m not one of those.. Read More

The Exploding Apartment

So this was actually like my first Chicago moving story, in that it happened when looking for apartments, I just haven’t posted it until now. So when Zach and I were first looking at places, we figured we’d go through an apartment finder of sorts. We’re both quite busy, and did not want to go through the stress of finding places completely on our own. So we arranged some apartment.. Read More

Second set of Chicago Observations

So a couple more here. – Riding the train is FUN.  However, since I live two brown line stops away from Lincoln Square, I feel kind of dumb paying $2 everytime I get on the train, to just get off approximately 2 and half minutes later.  It would cost the same if I rode it all the way downtown.  So I may need to venture further in my coffeeshopping to.. Read More

First Few Observations from the New City

So I’ve been in Chicago for almost a whole week now, and I haven’t had any observations.  Wait a minute, that’s ridiculous, of course I have.  Here they are: – I found a Thai food place within about 10 minutes of being here.  I knew this was meant to be.  So needless to say, I went there first thing: It was my first lunch in the big city.  And it.. Read More