Morgan’s Rantings and Waxings

tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

A Closer Look at CRC Policy

by Dave Ellens I’ve made a huge mistake. Such a statement, bold as it is, is almost always hard to make. We, as Christians, should be among the first in line to admit wrongdoings or misconceptions when dealing with the life around us. Oftentimes, though, it seems that there is a certain amount of infallibility that we tend to associate with our belief system, with our interpretation of how things.. Read More

Why Best Buy Represents Everything I Hate…

I worked at Best Buy for a little over a year, and it was the worst little over a year in my life. Now that’s not to say that nothing good came out of being there, and I certainly wouldn’t appreciate where I am now had I not gone through the shadow of death. I still have a couple (2 to be precise) friends that I made while I was.. Read More

13 Reality Shows that Never Made It

13. The Swan: Chimp Edition They were about halfway through making the show when they realized that true Chimp beauty is on the inside. 12. Chartered Accountant meets Bookworm Having a “reading and typing” room on the party bus never led to many sexual interactions. 11. The Widower The first Widower to lead the show turned out to be not a Widower but a Hungarian. 10. The Real Golden Girls.. Read More

Unemployment Journal

Day 1 So I got fired today. I’ve never been fired before, let alone not allowed back on the premesis. I fucked up. I realized it about a month back, but that doesn’t erase the fact that I did what I did. I just have to fuck up and move on. Accept what I’ve done, and try to make the best of it. The hardest part is having to tell.. Read More

Regretful Malaise

I hugged my old friend and walked out of her apartment with no hesitation. After a moment, I was filled with this feeling that I can only call regretful malaise. I wasn’t sad, because she hadn’t died. I wasn’t truly regretful, because I enjoyed our time together. I don’t really get what it is, but I get it every time a good friend moves away, an old friend visits and.. Read More

Next to Lost

Dreams whisper like smoke, curling off this cigarette, drowning in a night filled with air. A suffocating air. Spiraling, circling, finding its way back to me in the form of memories. Deep memories, regretful memories, real memories. Not like that song in Cats. These are real. These are haunting. Trapped in a cell painted with gray matter. I have to let go. Move on. Further than the east side. But.. Read More

Humble Life

A steady buzzing in my ear. After about five minutes, I start to notice it. I reach over and push a lever like a mouse for a food pellet. Sleep is my pellet. At least for another nine minutes, as if that will make the slightest difference. I’ll still be tired in nine minutes. However, another nine minutes when you have nine hours of sleep is not all that much,.. Read More

Bookstore Prophecies

I worked at a bookstore for about a year and after being there for about 6 months, I decided to start a blog called the Bookstore Prophecies. So here it is. It’s quite long (as it spans about 6 months), but I think you’ll find it at least somewhat entertaining. The Bookstore Prophecies March 18, 2003 10:30 PM – For those of you who don’t know me, I work in.. Read More

Morgan’s Bookstore Titles

After seeing all of the different titles in the bookstore I work at, featured exclusively in Bookstore Prophecies, I thought, what titles would I carry at my bookstore? Fiction Quarter to Dead I Went to this Party (Prequel to As I Lay Dying) The Great Gatsby 2, Jay gets a Gat Mystery All the Presidead’s Men Yesterday, I died a lot Jenny Laughed Sometim – dead! Romance Bosomstruck Corporal Voyeur.. Read More

Fake Date Page

Name: Morgan Thelonius Foster III Height: 6′3.3″ Weight: Roughly .14 metric tons Relationship Interests: Fling / Friend with Benefits / Serious Relationship Hobbies: I guess I just like to have a good time. I’m a lot of fun, and I just like going out to clubs with friends and dancing. I also love going out on my boat and soaking up the sun. Other then that I guess I like.. Read More