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King Kong

An ambitious remake by our beloved Peter Jackson to remake the move that made him want to make movies in the first place, and it was everything you could want. Not only for the fact that it’s ridiculously entertaining, it’s just a great movie, who’s only real downfall is its length (which is a short 200 minutes, but a lot of people will feel it hard to sit through before.. Read More

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The adaptation of the C.S. Lewis classic, that I was quietly envious (I guess not so quiet now) of because I wanted to be the one who directed a new adaptation of the novel. But oh well. I’m not a popular filmmaker at the moment, so I wasn’t able to get the funding. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I felt like they captured the emotion of the novel pretty.. Read More

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Real Review)

Okay, so this movie is definitely not the best movie ever, but in my opinion it’s the best of all the Harry Potter movies I’ve seen. I’ll give you one major reason why: No Quidditch!! Other than the very first scene, which was real quick. So I didn’t have to put up with anymore 15 minute sequences of Harry chasing down some stupid flying ball and wasting my life. I.. Read More

Good Night, and Good Luck

Based on the true story of the media battle between Senator Joseph McCarthy and Newscaster Edward Murrow, George Clooney and company’s portrayal of the incident is nothing short of brilliant. David Strathairn will surely be nominated for best director, and hopefully the movie itself will be as well. Overall, I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the simplicity of the story telling. There wasn’t any attempt to dress.. Read More

Cheaper by the Dozen

Well, the Baker family has 12 kids (a Baker’s dozen if you will), and Steve Martin is a Football coach(?). A relatively cute movie plagued by a lack of originality and a somewhat weak cast. I think the main thing I left thinking was “Wow, Hillary Duff really can’t act can she?” Her character and her character’s brother also are having trouble making friends at their new high school. If.. Read More

Land of the Dead

Can’t get enough of those zombies. And they can’t seem to get enough of my living flesh. I’m not sure if this will be George Romero’s last hurrah, but I’m not sure where else he can go from here. Land of the Dead appears to be a sequel to Dawn of the Dead, as the movie starts with the zombies having already taken over the Earth for the most part,.. Read More

A History of Violence

The story about a man named Tom Stall who has a little more interesting history then he’s led everyone to believe. Complete with a few very graphic scenes of violence, a couple sex scenes that seemed to go on awkwardly long, and a plot twist that was a little too predictable for its own good. This movie is interesting because I’ve heard some people rave about and some people who.. Read More


When I first of this movie coming out, I thought, “I could care less about Horse-Racing, and it’s got Tobey Maguire. Ugh.” However, Seabiscuit made me change my mind. Based on the bestselling novel by Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit takes its audience through a captivating story of relentlessly clinging to hope, despite what the evidence says. This film features stunning cinematography, exceptional performances from Chris Cooper and Tobey Maguire, and a.. Read More

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Based on the extremely witty graphic novel by the same title, this movie seemed like a sure fire winner. Never underestimate Hollywood’s ability to screw something up. Instead of focusing on the wit from the comic book, the movie makers decide to make the entire movie non-stop action, with about a combined total of 15 minutes of plot and character development. It’s a pile of poo. A big pile of.. Read More