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Common Shiner in the GR Press

Check it out, my band Common Shiner was featured in the Grand Rapids Press weekly music column called “In Your Ear.” Here it is: Common Shiner strives for style, universal appeal Thursday, August 03, 2006 By Rachael Recker The Grand Rapids Press GRAND RAPIDS — Common Shiner takes the commonplace and makes it unique. Whether it’s having fun, feeling spiritual or knowing bitterness, the Grand Rapids five-piece tries to reflect.. Read More

GR Press Review

Another review we go for our new CD. The music: The folk-rock approach of Grand Rapids’ Common Shiner might most resemble the music of Barenaked Ladies but also plows new ground with distinctive tunes that “highlight the beauty found in the common experience we all share.” Taken from the Grand Rapids Press. The least informative yet, but oh well. Still good press.

Review in Recoil

So it’s 6/6/6 today, and though the world has not ended yet, I’ve still got my hopes up. For more info on the significance/insignificance of today, go here. However, provided the world doesn’t end here in a few minutes, I’ve got some more exciting news. We got another great review, this one in the Grand Rapids magazine Recoil. It’s not online yet, so I’ll type it below: Common Shiner So.. Read More

CD Review

Check this out. Just saw the review of my band’s new CD So Long… in the June issue of Revue. You can see it on the page here, but I’ll copy it here: Common Shiner So Long … So Long … is a great CD from Grand Rapids band Common Shiner (yes, named for the fish) — although at first you might think you’re listening to the Barenaked Ladies (not.. Read More

Morgan in the Paper

Well this is actually from a while ago, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to put it up, but this was from my solo gig I had at Gustavus Adolphus College back in September. This is the cover of the “Gustavian Weekly,” the student newspaper. The caption underneath reads: Saturday night the Gustavus Community was treated to the tunes and humor of Morgan Foaster. The songs.. Read More