Morgan’s Rantings and Waxings

tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

Mississippi Thunder

This is the play I wrote for 24 hour theatre at the Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, BC. The prompt that I received was the flavor “Sour” and I was also given a lemon. As I was brainstorming, I kept rolling the lemon around in my hand, and I would occasionally smell it. Then the idea popped into my head of an ex-baseball player that maybe had a short lived, tragically.. Read More

The Train They Call the City

After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I thought to myself, I wonder what it would be like to be in downtown New Orleans at night right now.  Since there’s no power, would you see the stars reflecting off the buildings more clearly than ever before?  Would you hear people screaming almost nonstop, or would it be eerily silent?  Would the buildings seem like icebergs in the sea, or would the stars.. Read More

Sam and Ness

A children’s play about pirates that I was asked to write. It turned out more like if Monty Python wrote a children’s play. Final Draft

Speak Up

This play was written by me and a friend of mine, Brian Risselada, for a 24 hour theatre project that we were a part of. So we wrote this whole thing in one night, and I really haven’t looked at it since. Final Draft


This play is based on the play by Amiri Baraka of the same name. I was flipping through the channels one time, and MTV was doing an interview with Britney Spears. It pissed me off so much, that I wrote this play. First Draft

The Screwtape Incident

This was the second play I wrote and the first full length. To sum it up, it is basically a story of how something that seems so harmless at first, can build into something that has the power to not only distort, but destroy. Disclaimer: This play is extremely disturbing, and uses very harsh language. It is not recommended for someone who is easily offended or disturbed by language to.. Read More

Carter’s Pill

This was the first play I ever wrote, and I wrote the whole thing sitting backstage when I was playing the part of Peachy in The Last Night of Ballyhoo, during the summer of 2000. I basically sat in this airplane bathroom of a backstage in this tiny barn theatre in South Haven, MI, put on the Gladiator soundtrack in my portable cd player, and wrote this play while I.. Read More