Morgan’s Rantings and Waxings

tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

All the Metaphors

A little something that came out the other day, and I ended up kind of liking it. Rating: I stopped really doing the rating thing a while ago, so I think I’m just going to stop for real now. All the Metaphors longing to say the words that always sound so wrong from my lips all these trials and tests I’ve done to prove I can’t shoot from the hip.. Read More

In the Summer, In the City

Came out of a conversation I was having with a friend about becoming famous. Rating: Same thing we do every night In the Summer, In the City Passing through the crowd on the road of life People all the same He asks “Why’d you stop here at this place?” I’m just trying to catch the game H e says “I’m off to find it all I’m off to make it.. Read More


Very strange poem that I wrote during a break between classes once. I really have no idea what it means, maybe one of you could tell me. Rating: No one gives ankle watches a chance. Leatherhead Brown cap on leatherhead tell me your secrets I’ll let you off if you tell me your story Tables and chairs Stare towards inner nexus Never seen through Tied to a fence Chained to.. Read More

Never the Same

I wrote this while Assistant Stage Managing “The Piano Lesson,” by August Wilson. I wrote it backstage one night, just trying to sum up the way I was feeling at the time about African-American issues. For those familiar with “The Piano Lesson,” the line “experience carved in oak” should make more sense. Rating: Usually I add the olive oil last Never the Same Broken bits, stellar recovery Twirling through church.. Read More


I wanted to write something with a strange rhyming pattern, and this is what came out. Rating: You go first 22B I can feel you, I can see you Yet I can’t believe you I can heal, and be real but I can’t deal All my thinking, causing sinking Like habit of drinking Day by day, fades away Yet never strays Fear is creeping, sleeping, weeping Confidence is seeping Like.. Read More

Moving the Pawn

A little cheesy thing about the emotion of asking someone out. Rating: Love Wins, 3-2 Moving the Pawn I sit alone in my room Hoping love will come through Breath, regret, forget, regret Depress, regress, clean mess, get dressed But should I maybe put myself out there? What if I make a move? I’m so afraid What if it happens again? It’s all in the timing And my timing is.. Read More

I Refuse

More of a statement than a poem really. Rating: Hey, get off that! I Refuse I refuse to live for the sake of living I refuse to give for the sake of giving When I give, I will give with my heart The world will be different because of my part © 2004 Morgan Foster

Unashamed II

Same girl as before. Rating: I guess that is legal in Oman Unashamed II I’m in too deep I don’ t feel ashamed I’m in love But I can’t be I can’t allow myself to be If I fall this time, I’m gone I can’t fall Don’t fall It’s so hard, because I want to I’m not ashamed to fall in love I’m not I’m gone Will I hit rock.. Read More

F— Buddy

This was a purging of my frustration about sex and attraction which culminated at a party one night in 2001. I had talked with a couple people who were obviously just attracted to attraction, and claimed to be about something more, and I found that this was all too true in my own life at times. And actually, in recent news, I saw the 40 year old virgin, and they.. Read More

Memory Machine

Random poem I wrote in the same Political Science class. This one isn’t very good, though. Rating: I agree, but it’s really the Windex that does the work Memory Machine Sun streams on green it somehow takes me somewhere else my body sits in this classroom but my mind is with those I love What are these memories inside my head What do they mean? I play them over and.. Read More